TransLink Introduces Smart Lockers at Various SkyTrain Stations


VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – TransLink customers will now be able to take online orders and deliveries from the so-called “smart lockers” now installed at three SkyTrain stations.The lockers, operated by PigeonBox, will be at Joyce-Collingwood, Stade-de Chinatown and Commercial, Broadway stations.

According to TransLink chief executive Kevin Desmond, the addition will be more convenient for runners, who may not have to venture into a more post office.

“In addition to offering a new convenient option for our customers, this initiative can also help reduce the number of trips to take people to collect packages,” he said.

Racers who are interested in the service will need to register on the PidgeonBox website and can use their PigeonBox address at their mailing address.

This is when PigeonBox would deliver packages from the Aerial Metro station selection, and once it is delivered, the customer will be sent an access code for their locker.

PigeonBox chief executive Seunghwan Son says it is a safe alternative amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“PigeonBox is pleased to offer a secure, contactless pickup solution to growing online buyers at locations that are very convenient,” he said.

Each locker is sanitized at the time of delivery.

This is a one year pilot project from TransLink.


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