Trader Joe’s, Costco, Whole Foods Have the Best Coronavirus Safety Among Grocery Stores: Survey


According to Ipsos Group SA, one of the largest market research and consultancy companies in the world, Trader Joe’s, Costco Wholesale and Whole Foods Market were ranked among the top three grocery retailers with health and safety protocols first-rate against coronaviruses.

On Wednesday, Ipsos released its consumer health and safety index survey and found that the three companies excelled in the correct use of the face, social distancing and other critical procedures that help customers minimize their chances of getting COVID-19.

3. Trader Joe’s

Customers line up to enter the Trader Joe’s store in South Beach on April 14, 2020 in Miami Beach, Florida. (Cliff Hawkins / Getty Images)

Trader Joe’s ranks third on Ipsos’ list for “consistency and attention” the company applies to its health and safety procedures, which included active monitoring of store traffic and customer occupancy . According to a consumer study by Ipsos, 94% of Trader Joe’s stores have successfully managed customer entry and flow.

2. Costco Wholesale

Americans lined up to buy products from supermarkets like Costco Wholesale and Walmart, fearing the COVID-19 pandemic in New Jersey, United States, April 18, 2020. (Tayfun Coskun / Anadolu agency via Getty Images)

Costco took second place on the Ipsos index for employee compliance with the retailer’s face coverage and social distance policies. According to Ispos store visits, 95% of Costco employees wore masks correctly inside the store, while 83% wore masks outside the store. In addition, 94% of the Costco stores visited had social distance markers installed inside and outside.

1. Whole food market

People line up at a Whole Foods store during the Coronavirus Pandemic on April 21, 2020 in New York City. (Rob Kim / Getty Images)

Whole Foods has surpassed all other retailers, according to Ipsos, and has secured its top spot on the company’s health and safety index. Ninety-eight percent of store employees wore face covers indoors while 91% maintained a social distance of 6 feet when interacting with customers. In addition, 95% of checkouts have plexiglass barriers installed in addition to 87% of stores offering contactless payment methods, noted Ipsos.

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FOX Business contacted Trader Joe’s, Costco and Whole Foods for comment, but did not immediately respond at the time of publication.

“The ability to deliver health and safety efforts is now the most important aspect of the customer experience, and it will be for some time,” said Nick Mercurio, executive vice president and responsible for the US Channel Performance service line at Ipsos, in a statement on the index. “We found that 62% of buyers would stop shopping at a retailer that does not take health and safety seriously.”

Ipsos interviewed 2,000 Americans to find out which health and safety measures were most important to customers and led thousands of mystery shops across 45 leading American brands to reach its conclusions.


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