Tour de France director reviews safety measures for fans and riders


As the Tour de France approaches, cycling enthusiasts and pros alike will wonder what the postponed edition will look like.

Throughout the coronavirus lockout, there has been speculation about the measures needed to ensure the safety of spectators, staff, riders and the media during the world’s largest bicycle race.

But Tour director Christian Prudhomme is now offering an update on safety measures that could be put in place for fans and the peloton.

In an interview with a Spanish newspaper El Periodico, Prudhomme said: “There will surely be no kisses or hugs at official ceremonies. And you would think that it’s certainly not the best year to collect autographs. The public can come to the Tour but there will be a filter. In the mountains, we will give preference to those who climb on foot, by bike or in the transport systems set up by local communities.

“But, I repeat, the situation changes from day to day. We don’t know what it will look like in two months. “


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