Toronto, the Region of Peel enter Stage 2 of the Ontario COVID-19 recovery plan


Ontario’s two most densely populated regions will see more companies open their doors Wednesday in Toronto, and Peel, to proceed to the next step of the province COVID-19 recovery plan.The two regions officially enter into Phase 2 of the pandemic re-opening frame, joining almost all the rest of the province began ramping up activities over the past two weeks.

Windsor-Essex remains the only region not to be allowed to move to the next phase, due to stubbornly high COVID-19 number of cases in the farms of the region.

The companies given the green light to resume operations in Toronto and Peel today include hairdressers, swimming pools, and guide services.

The Restaurants are also allowed to re-open their patios for dining in service, but nobody is even allowed to be served inside.

In all cases, the government of Ontario said physical measures of distance must be maintained in order to avoid a peak of COVID-19-case basis.

Which may open up in Step 2?

(Details below provided by the province of Ontario)

  • Outdoor dining-in the restaurants, bars and other establishments, including the terraces, on the sidewalk, the parking lots and adjacent properties
  • Child care in a family environment, with limits on the number of children at each facility
  • Select personal and personal care services, including tattoo parlours, hairdressing salons, hairdressing salons and beauty salon
  • The shopping centres under the existing restrictions, including the services of a restoration re-opening takeaways and meals outside only
  • Tour and guide services, such as cycling and walking, bus and boat excursions, as well as tastings and visits to wineries, breweries and distilleries
  • The water recreation facilities, such as outdoor splash pads and wading pools, and all pools
  • Access to the beach and additional camping in Ontario Parks
  • Camping on private campgrounds
  • Outside, only the leisure facilities and training for the outdoors, team sports, with limits to allow for the distancing physical
  • Drive-in and drive through sites for theatres, concerts, animal attractions and cultural appreciation, such as art installations
  • Film and television Production activities, with limits to allow for the distancing physical


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