Toronto health of the president of the board of directors Joe Cressy takes in the beginning of the parental leave, so that it is ready for a second wave of COVID-19


Spadina—Fort York Councillor Joe Cressy, who chairs the Toronto Board of Health, will be an earlier and shorter duration of parental leave to care for her infant son, Jude, in anticipation of a second wave of COVID-19 eventually hit Toronto in the fall.

Cressy said in a written statement issued for the feast of the fathers, 21 June, that it is to move the plan in four months of parental leave from September for only two months of parental leave from July.

“The truth is, with the current pandemic, there is no better way for me to combine all my roles,” he wrote. “With the potential for a second wave of COVID-19 in the fall, I adjusted my plans to continue to monitor the Toronto Public Health’s response and recovery in time.”

Crécy, the son of Jude, was born in November of 2019 — in less than two months before COVID-19 was first identified in Wuhan, China, and Crécy and the Toronto Board of Health started preparations for the possibility of the new coronavirus is spread to Toronto.

In the April interview with, Crecy compared the work that he and the members of Toronto’s public health team had been made since the sprint to the top to the bottom of the escalator.

“You must continue to sprint, and if you stop, you fall — but you don’t get to the top,” he said at the time.

Crecy said that he will continue to chair the Toronto Board of Health at a distance during the summer, but not back to its other functions, of Toronto advisor until September.

He said he will also continue to sit on the Mayor John Tory daily COVID-19 Strategic Command Team and attend Toronto council to vote on the important issues during his leave.

“I feel the duty and the responsibility to be fully present to tackle the second wave of COVID-19 that the public health experts predict could occur in the fall or winter, and which has been the main factor that influences my decision,” he said.

Crécy wrote that his office will remain open during parental leave, “and my exceptional staff will continue to respond to questions and concerns.”

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