Top star Tom Walker devastated as BMW destroyed in police car chase


Leading musician Tom Walker revealed that his precious BMW car was destroyed in a police car chase.The 28-year-old Leave A Light On singer was devastated when his luxury car was ransacked – but was not in the car itself when it was ruined.

Unfortunately for Tom, his vehicle turned out to be collateral damage as police ran to arrest a suspect in a car chase in London.

The singer was alerted to the commotion outside his house where his BMW 140 was parked – and was shocked by the chaotic scene he discovered while walking outside.

Tom Walker revealed his precious car was destroyed in a police chase

Speaking to the subway, he said: “My car crashed, it was parked in front of my house

“There was a police chase that ended up right on the side of my car. It’s absolutely f *** ed. ”

Tom then described the scene he encountered while looking at his crashed vehicle.

Tom says his BMW 140 sank

“I went out and there was a guy who received a taser on the floor and lots of shouts from the police.

“There were police everywhere. So many cars. It was pretty crazy. ”

Tom revealed the car was left “completely screwed up” by the accident

Despite the disaster, Tom did not say too low about the damage, saying, “S *** is coming. ”

Tom spent the weekend sharing his sadness that the 2020 Glastonbury Festival has been canceled due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

He tweeted Sunday: “Absolutely drained, we’re all short of Glasto this year. I miss the festival season so much. ”


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