Tom Cruise route united kingdom move after the isolation of the Church of Scientology’s headquarters: Report


Tom Cruise would be considering relocating to the uk after isolating the Church Of Scientology headquarters in West Sussex, England, during the COVID-19 crisis.The Top Gun star, 57, is suspected to be on the lookout for a new home close to the famous Saint Hill Manor, after having stayed there during the pandemic.

A source told the british Sunday Mirror: “Tom is active, more than ever before in the organization. Its role becomes more and more. He wants to go to the united kingdom permanently, and has been the research on the properties of the surroundings of Saint Hill Manor, so that it can be handy and nearby.”

Cruise has been made into a movie in Britain during the filming of Mission: Impossible 7 was suspended earlier this year due to the health crisis, and is thought to no longer consider Los Angeles his home after the sale of his Beverly Hills hotel well in 2016.

During his time at the house, a Cruise would have been to hosting Zoom, teleconferencing, and the organization of meetings with other members. The reports also suggest that he has invited his family to stay at the manor during the period of Christmas and New Year, the property is close to the south of London, the home of his daughter, Isabelle, 27.


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