Tom Brady and Ty Law are among the best teammates Willie McGinest in the NFL


3) Joe Thomas, tackler offensive, retired

Thomas was a teammate of McGinest from 2007 to 2008 with the Cleveland Browns.

The tackles left are usually very physical and technical, and it is rare to find a guy who is at the same time. Joe Thomas was just that. The big Browns had an excellent awareness of the hands, feet and body, but more importantly, he was so calculated in its own way to prepare. Thomas had the ability to break down and understand the strengths and weaknesses of the different accelerators of passes that he has encountered. In true student of the game, he knew what his opponent was going to do before crossing the finish line. I also really liked to work on my exercises-pass rush against him, because he really was the best competition. I had constantly a live preview of what I’d get in the game.

Longevity is so important and so difficult to get in this league, and Thomas was one of the best. He has recorded more than 10 000 snaps consecutive during his career and has done so with a lot of quarters different. A lot of people do not give credit for the latter, but Thomas had to constantly make adjustments depending on who was under center. Do y. Some QB sitting in the pocket while others leave the ball quickly, and there are those who escape the pocket and throw with power. According to Pro Football Focus, Thomas has allowed only 31 sacks on 6685 shots, blocking passes in his career. Thomas, a future Hall of Famer, was the ultimate protector.


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