To quell fears related to coronaviruses, Cuomo takes the metro


The first day of the first phase of the reopening took place on Monday, which means that some 400,000 more New Yorkers took to the trains and buses to work.Ten days ago, I asked Governor Andrew Cuomo on the phone if this was going to be safe in the midst of this coronavirus pandemic:

Torre: Governor, in ten days, would you be comfortable taking the metro in the city?

Cuomo: What do you say about that I will not open the city if I am not comfortable, and when I open the city, I will take the metro.

And he put his MetroCard where his mouth is and invited me to join him on a subway ride, from Court Square to Long Island City to Grand Central.“I will not say that something is safe for you unless it is safe for me. I will not recommend that you do something with your children unless I do it with my children, “said the Governor. “So, is the metro safe? Of course. ”

He was very keen to prove that the trains are cleaner and safer than ever.

Everyone has to wear a face cover, and if you don’t have one, each station will distribute it for free with hand sanitizers.

Monday was a holiday for the governor after three months of fighting to contain a deadly pandemic that claimed the lives of thousands of New Yorkers. In a large interview, he told me that he was afraid of the heart.

“I treated all of this equally. You are not the one who is afraid, I am afraid. And that’s fine, ”said Cuomo. “You are afraid, the governor is afraid. It’s a scary situation, and anyone who tells you it’s not a lie. ”

As for what will happen next, the governor says it all depends on the people of New York.

“No guarantees. It depends on what we do. And that’s not a trivial answer, it’s 100% true, ”said the governor. “It is the same thing that the world experts told me when we started the first day. It’s true on day 100. It all depends on how people behave. ”


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