Three reasons why football Ohio play Alabama is a college football must always look at us in the face


COLUMBUS, Ohio – The idea that Ohio State plays finally the Alabama on the respective campuses is a achievement so joyful that it is hard to believe this is happening finally. The fun of football, can it really be that simple? He may have had to wait 123 years before it happen, but that will not enjoy the Alabama to Columbus in 2027 and Ohio State in Tuscaloosa in 2028 for the first … time … ever?

It took nine months of negotiations with the athletic director assistant to the Ohio Diana Sabau for the lock, but the word has been announced on Thursday, with a repurchase unusually heavy of $ 3 million to ensure that none of the parties will stop. This is really happening for three reasons that have so much meaning, you want to jump in a time machine to go back in time and tell Bear Bryant and Woody Hayes of plan in the course of the 20 years prior to the Sugar Bowl in 1979 when they clashed for the only time , in the first of which is that four meetings Ohio State-Alabama until now.

Alabama has played football for the first time in 1902, in the State of Ohio in 1904. The two have started to win almost immediately. A confrontation in 1920 the Buckeyes 7-1 and the Tide 10-1, would it not be grand? One hundred years later, we will take what we can get … a wait of seven years. Here’s why this doesn’t work, and finally to the horizon.

Ohio State and Alabama are no. 2 and no. 3 of the wins of all time among the great teams of college football. Of the other seven teams in the top nine, Ohio State has played on all of their campus and were greeted in return – no. 1 Michigan, no. 4 Texas, no. 5 Notre Dame, no. 6 Oklahoma, no. 7 Nebraska , No. 8 Penn State and no. 9 USC. Only Alabama has disappeared, unnecessarily.

To be fair, Alabama has not played with a lot of teams Big Ten. The Tide has met with Penn State 10 consecutive years between 1981 and 1990, but since the Nittany Lions joined the Big Ten in 1993, they have played only one series at home in 2010 and 2011. Alabama has never played in Ann Arbor, East Lansing , Bloomington, West Lafayette, Champaign, Iowa City, Minneapolis, or Evanston. His only visit to Madison came in 1928 against Wisconsin.

The tide is not flowing to the north. But, when it has changed in 2018, Alabama has changed its strategy of planning, site neutral and signed a series at home with nine national governments, and has begun to spread to the north including opponents like Virginia Tech, West Virginia, Notre Dame and Wisconsin, the idea of facing the Buckeyes should be on the radar.

The relationship between Gene Smith, athlete of the State of Ohio, and Greg Byrne, athletic director of Alabama, who has taken on the leadership of the department of sports of Tide in 2017, has helped to achieve this. Sabau had broken what had been drought-outside of the conference to Ohio State – the history of the Buckeyes is a home with LSU in 1987-1988 – last November, scheduling Georgia for 2030 and 2031. She said that this idea was first brought up as a joke with an assistant of the Alabama AD, with which it has worked (Sabau said that she was unaware before, my pleas to the public), and it took nearly a year to lock down the details. Ohio State has had to move a series with Boston College to adapt to this, and the future map of dance non-conference Alabama was filling up.

But Sabau has contemplated the idea of fans of the USO in Tuscaloosa to the interior of the stadium, Bryant-Denny, named in part for the legend of the workout of Alabama, and “they could say that they are sitting in this stadium history and watched their scarlet and gray, their Buckeyes there, and it’s amazing ,” she said.

While Alabama has played matches outside of the conference on sites that are neutral, especially against Michigan and Wisconsin, during nine of the 13 seasons of Nick Saban, with two others planned for 2020 and 2021, Ohio State was never going to do it. It was games on the campus or not of games. Now, this will be games on the campus.

That will mean clashes for the chances of the playoffs of college football of these two teams in 2027 and 2028? Sabau said that she didn’t care. It would not be taken hostage on the calendar by the assumptions of an upcoming playoff series.

Beautiful feeling.

The contract of current tv to the playoffs to four teams will be completed after 2025, and taking into account the trends of college football, it seems quite possible that there are playoffs to eight teams by the time the series takes place. This would leave more leeway for the loser of a match such as this one to continue the playoff. But she said that this was not the subject matter.

“You need to be bold. Yes, you don’t want your season ends by the week 3 ” , she said. “But you can’t let this nuance of post-season hold you back in making your decision. “

Therefore, for the chances of this title future of these teams, it is a factor non-factor or a positive. Don’t be afraid to play with good teams. Financially, this should also help. The ticket office at several levels of the Ohio State means that the best opponents are more expensive. The seat reserved for the most expensive last season was Penn State at $ 198. This season, it’s Michigan, at $ 220. How much will it cost Alabama in 2027 – well over $ 300, no?

In Alabama, the sale of tickets has not been given recently against opponents outside of the conference. The fans are not thrilled that the best national games have never been held in Tuscaloosa. Byrne has thus changed it. Budgets are always a problem. The big games should mean a lot of money, and this is something that the two teams will need.

It is well to love this series for the fun of the game. Not everything needs to be strategic.

“It is really good for the game, it’s really good for our student-athletes, and why have we had to wait until the playoffs for us to confront it when that is what the fans want? “Said Sabau. “So we finally got after. “

In the past, the recruitment base and the alumni base had often when the Buckeyes considered to be opponents of major non-conference. Where local fans of OSU would receive a treat and recruits local would they be intrigued? Alabama did not meet any of these criteria, in contrast to Los Angeles (USC), Seattle (Washington), Austin (Texas), San Francisco (California) and Miami (Miami). When I introduced to Sabau is a quote from a former wizard of the OSU AD to 2017 in this sense, it was rejected.

In the end, his question was the following.

“Why don’t we?” she said.

These days, there was not a reasonable response. So they did it.

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