This start-up is going to send you to space in a balloon, for a price BGR


  • A new startup in the Space is the Perspective of the planning for the launch of the paying customers to space using a big balloon and a special observation of the capsule.
  • The tickets cost about $125,000, the company said, but the flights will probably not begin for a few years.
  • Space tourism is a small but growing industry, with big dogs like Blue Origin and SpaceX, undertaking to send people to space for a price.

Always wanted to travel to edge of space, but do not rely on explosive rocket technology? Well, you’re in luck! A new startup in the Space of the Prospect wants to take (a lot) of your money and send you to the stars, in a big ole’ ball. Designed to be an alternative to the new rocket-based space tourism industry, the company’s “hms Neptune” capsules will be packed with paying customers, and then carried up to a height of about 100,000 feet.

This is just one of several entries in the burgeoning space tourism industry, but if the boot can withdraw what it is promising I’ll let you guess.

According to the company, the journey into space (well, technically the edge of space), will be relatively brief. Two hours will be devoted to the ascent of the intended altitude, then another two hours will be devoted to the return to the Land. A window of two hours between the ascent and the descent will offer travellers a real breathtaking views of their home planet.

When the trip is over the cap come to rest in the Atlantic Ocean, and the passengers will be rescued by a ship of some kind and then brought back to shore. All of this seems a bit odd, but then again there are really no rules when it comes to space tourism… at least not yet.

So, what will be the privilege of not even really make it to space game, you back? A simple $125 000 $ per person. Good, this is not cheap, but it will be a one-of-a-kind experience in an aircraft that does not have to “take off” from anywhere. The balloons will be deployed from the Kennedy Space Center, after the boot, but they are still working on the details and finding their way through the FAA red tape.

Space point of view is far from being the only company vying for a slice of the tourism pie. Blue Origin and SpaceX, among others, have already announced plans to send paying customers into space for brief stays, which cost a whole heck of a lot of money. In some cases, the tickets have already been pre-sold for flights that may not take place for several years, if they occur at all.

It goes without saying, but space tourism is going to respond to the super-rich, at least for the moment. Sending things to space is expensive, and amassing a large return on the initial investment of the rockets, or space balls) means charging a very high price. At least the rest of us the chance to see some pretty cool selfies Instagram, right?

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