Things older than Queen Elizabeth II’s husband


Queen Elizabeth II’s husband, Prince Philip, turned 99 on June 10 and is the oldest and longest-standing spouse in history. He celebrated his historic birthday at Windsor Castle, where he and the queen have been isolating themselves for months.

The Duke of Edinburgh has reached an age that many can only hope to reach. In honor of his 99th birthday, we reveal some little-known facts about the prince and the inventions that took place before his birth.

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh | Yui Mok – WPA Pool / Getty Images

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Interesting facts about the Duke of Edinburgh

Prince Philip did not have an easy childhood. Shortly after his birth, his family was forced into exile and fled to France. Her mother, Princess Alice of Battenberg, was diagnosed with schizophrenia and was eventually sent to asylum. His father, Prince Andrew of Greece, then made his home in Monte Carlo with his mistress and did not have much contact with Philip as he grew up.

In 1947 Philip then married Princess Elizabeth, who is his cousin. The royal couple is a first cousin when expelled by King Christian IX of Denmark and also a first cousin because they are both direct descendants of Queen Victoria who was their great-great-grandmother.

There is another interesting fact about Prince Philip that few people know and that he is worshiped by a tribe in the Pacific island country of Vanuatu.

Coorey Sikor Natuan, the son of the local chief, holding portraits of Prince Philip
Coorey Sikor Natuan, the son of the local chief, holding portraits of Prince Philip
| TORSTEN BLACKWOOD / AFP via Getty Images

Sky News reported that “the Prince Philip movement” is a religious sect followed by the Kastom people in the village of Yaohnanen. Legend has it that the prince was born to fulfill an ancient prophecy as the son of an ancient mountain spirit who would one day take the form of a fair-skinned man, travel abroad, marry a powerful woman and return finally on the island with his wife.

When the Queen and Philip visited Vanuatu in 1974, those who observed the respect accorded to the monarch by colonial officials were convinced that her husband was the man mentioned in the legend.

Things older than Prince Philip

The Office for National Statistics has noted that the average life expectancy in the UK is slightly less than 80 years. Prince Philip has long since passed this level and is said to be still in very good health. During his 99 years, the prince has seen many changes and inventions that many never thought possible.

According to the UK history learning site, some of the notable inventions that existed long before Philip’s birth include air conditioning, EKGs, wipers, neon lights, electric washing machines, and vacuum cleaners. . Brillo crossword, bra and pad inventions appeared in the 1910s.

Other things you probably haven’t known for over 99 years are hair dryers and bandages. They were both invented a year before the birth of Prince Philip.

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