They Come From Dumped Him Like Trash “: Nursing Homes Evict Most Vulnerable Residents


Silvercrest issued the third eviction notice this month. Mr. Hightower’s call is on hold.

“They just want to get rid of me,” he says.

Michael Tretola, the president of Silvercrest, declined to comment on Mr. Hightower or say the number of residents were evicted. “The health and safety of each patient under our care is always our first concern,” he says.

Lakeview Terrace in Los Angeles, which evicted the 88-year-old Mr. Kendrick, has an illegally evicted history of residents. In February 2019, Los Angeles city attorney Mike Feuer reached a $ 600,000 agreement with the nursing home to resolve charges he had illegally evicted from the homeless, residents. As part of this settlement, in which Lakeview denied the wrongdoing, prosecutors appointed someone to monitor the installation. As the coronavirus intensified in March, the monitor had to stop visiting.

Around this time, said three Lakeview employees, who were not allowed to speak publicly, their superiors began to encourage them to find ways to discharge the residents to make room for the coronavirus patients.

On April 6, staff moved Mr. Kendrick to a boardinghouse merchant in Van Nuys, Calif., About 20 miles away.

The next day, the police called Mr. Kendrick’s nephew, Darryl Kennedy. They had found his uncle, who had wandered away from the pension, Mr. Kennedy said.

“They dumped him like a trash can,” Mr. Kennedy said.

David Weaver, the administrator of Lakeview Terrace, I couldn’t say why Mr. Kendrick was evicted, claiming confidentiality, but he said that all of the discharges’ retirement home was “clinically appropriate.”


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