There are now 114 places to get your hair cut in Humboldt, but safety and precaution are more important than ever, says Joint Information Center | Lost Coast Outpost


A total of 114 hair salons and hair salons have been certified by
the Humboldt County Emergency Operations Center and were
allowed to reopen today.

County residents are
encouraged to call ahead before visiting any recently
reopened to learn about changes to services, such as
hours of operation and any security measures that may be in place.
Please note that some companies choose not to take back in person
services right now.

Humboldt County
Health worker Dr. Teresa Frankovich continues to monitor
COVID-19 test results and epidemiological data to determine when
the reopening of industrial sectors. “Right now, our
conditions are favorable, “said Dr. Frankovich. ” Public health
will pay particular attention to the progression of the virus in our
county to set the tone for the future. ”

Based on local
COVID-19 conditions, the health worker should clear three
additional sectors in the following order:

  • Campgrounds,
    Motorhome parks
    and outdoor recreation
    The reopening date should be announced midweek. State and county
    campgrounds may choose not to open immediately.

  • Hotels
    and accommodation for leisure travel / tourism
    – as soon as possible
    June 12, possibly later
  • Gyms
    – no earlier than June 12, possibly later.

“Like more
businesses open up and we start to see seasonal hobbies
activities resume, it may be tempting to pay less attention
the physical distance and the requirements to wear facial coverings ”,
Said Frankovich. “I cannot overstate the fact that this virus is still
circulating in Humboldt County, and as residents are more active
outside their homes and more travelers are coming in here, these security
the measurements become more, not less important. This is how we can
to keep moving forward while protecting yourself. ”

The following
sectors, companies, establishments or activities are do not
at this time to operate by the state of
California, and a reopening schedule has not yet been set:

To learn more about
the process of reopening business or to submit a plan, go to
For the most current information on COVID-19, visit
or For the locals
information, visit,
call 707-441-5000 or send an email to [email protected]


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