The white House is struggling to deliver consistent message on a range of major topics


The Advantage of the administration cannot get its story straight on a lot these days. On Monday, the journalists had the right to contradictory statements from the President of Advantage and senior officials of the administration on a range of topics: From Trump, the comments of coronavirus tests for the firing of the minister of justice Geoffrey Berman of the China trade, the White House has struggled to offer a consistent message on issues of great importance.

The day started with the continuation of the explanation of the White House to which Trump said during his Tulsa rally that he had asked for the coronavirus tests to slow down. After the White House said Trump made the remarks “in jest,” Mike Pence said Monday in a call with governors that the comments were a “passing observation” of the President. During this time, Kayleigh McEnany said to journalists that ” any suggestion that the trial has been amputated is not rooted in reality. “

But when asked about the note of Scripps Joe St. George, Trump himself went on its own tangentsaying: “If it was the slow, frankly, I think that we are ahead of ourselves, if you want to know the truth. “The various messages of the President, the vice-president, and the press secretary gave birth to this Politico headline:” White House offers mixed explanations on Trump’s vow to slow down the tests. “

The confusion of messaging was not only limited to this particular problem. You remember, Trump said initially, he was not “involved” in the abrupt firing of Berman. “It is [Attorney General Bill Barr’s] department, it is not my department, ” Trump said on Saturday. But, by virtue of the interrogation of Kaitlan Collins Monday, McEnany, conceded that the President did indeed have some involvement. The new e-mail? That Trump was “involved in a sign of the capacity,” according to Berman, who has refused to resign.

To crown the day was more mixed messaging — this time on the China trade agreement. In an interview with Fox News host Martha MacCallum, the trade advisor Peter Navarro asked point-blank if the trade is more. “It is finished, yes,” Navarro replied, sending the markets dive. Shortly after, however, he said new organisations had taken “wildly out of context” (they didn’t). Larry Kudlow says Axios reporter Jonathan Swan that the rest. And Trump himself tweeted“The China Trade is fully intact. “

WaPo’s Josh Dawsey and Jeff Stein summed it up this way: “Trump took to Twitter Monday night to try to quell an international incident caused by one of his assistants, a few hours earlier that the White House officials struggle to convey the same strategy to China. ”

The inability of the White House to put forward a consistent set of messages on this consequential is troubling, and this is yet another factor that continues to question the White House’s credibility in a serious way. These are topics that the administration should be fully prepared to answer. The top officials should not struggle to answer basic questions on stories receiving top billing in the media. And yet, the President and his senior officials continue to trip over each other words.


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