The white House has been struggling to deny the Asset of trade adviser to claim that the China side is ‘more’ | World news


The White House position of China has been thrown into confusion Monday night after the trade adviser Peter Navarro has announced a commercial agreement between the two countries, “more”, only to be quickly contradicted by Donald Trump.Navarro has said to Fox News, the “turning point” came when the united states learned about the coronavirus only after a Chinese delegation left Washington, following the signing of the phase agreement on 15 January.

“It was at a time where they had already sent hundreds of thousands of people in this country for the dissemination of this virus, and it was only a few minutes after that the wheels when the plane took off we started to hear about this pandemic,” said Navarro, one of the most vocal critics of China among primary Asset advisors.

“It is finished”, he said.

But shortly after, the president of the united states tweeted: “The China on the trade is fully intact. I hope that they continue to live under the conditions of the agreement!”

Navarro then stated that his remarks had been taken out of context. “They had nothing to do with the first phase of the trade agreement, which continues in place,” he said, and instead referred to the “the lack of confidence we now have in the Chinese Communist party”.

Navarro’s initial comments caused a momentary panic on the markets, with futures on the S&P 500 index falling as much as 1.6%, according to Bloomberg, and the offshore yuan’s weakening.

David Ingles

Markets confused. Peter Navarro, say his comments (that the trade agreement has been more) have been taken wildly out of context

On the 23rd of June 2020

Trump has recently placed a great importance to China, the trade negotiations, saying in an interview published on Sunday that he out to impose tougher sanctions on China’s treatment of its minority Muslim Uighur, because such measures have interfered with the trade negotiations.

“Well, we were in the middle of an important trade agreement. And I made a super deal, $250bn potential value of the purchases,” Trump said to Axios when asked why he had not adopted a Treasury of sanctions against communist party officials linked to repression in the Xinjiang region.


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