The warning of Martin Lewis regarding delays in the british passports that could cost thousands of people


Do you want your vacation after the lockout continues? If this is the case, you’d better check the expiration date of your passport now, ” warns Martin Lewis, an expert in saving money.

The delays caused by the pandemic mean that some people have waited up to three months to receive a new passport – which means that many may not be able to go on holiday, reports the Manchester Evening News.

A woman by the name of Tracy has sent out an email to Martin to complain: “I have been waiting 13 weeks. It seems now that our vacation will be cancelled, which costs us 1 000 £. ”

In his last e-mail to the buyers, the financial guru, said: “Passport to the expiration date, or almost? Renew as soon as possible.

“The passport Office warns, of course, that the renewal will take more time than the three weeks to normal.

“We mean information according to which, at the extreme, some take three months or more, while the expedited services, and appointments in person are suspended.

“So, if you have planned a trip later this summer, sort it quickly. ”

He added that the fact of not having a passport and not to travel ” is not covered by most travel insurance policies “.

Until January 2021, you can continue to travel in Europe with your british passport until it expires, so if you only have a few months, you will not have to worry too much before the summer holidays.

But after that, you’ll have to be careful when you check the expiry date of your passport, as it may be necessary to renew it sooner than you think.

Due to the Brexit, then you will need to have at least six months of a passport for an adult or child to travel in most European countries.


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