The video shows the handling of weapons “Chechens” thugs turning to riot as the car turns over during chaos in France


Shocking video footage revealed scenes of chaos in France as a masked individual in the wild and spinning cars out of control at high speed during violent clashes. In a clip shared on social media, a group of hooligans show off a vast arsenal of automatic camera weapons while kicking in the air in Dijon, in eastern France.

Pistols, assault rifles and axes can be seen like the hood, dressed in thugs screaming in the background.

And in a second, just as spectacular from the video, a car drives along a street before hitting the sidewalk and flipping on the roof, sending the vehicle screeching on the tarmac.

A number of hooded thugs then charge forward by tossing bottles and other items at it.

He intervenes when the French government has sent police reinforcements and an official from the Dijon region to quell four exceptionally violent nights of clashes between rival groups, which have left at least 10 wounded and cars burned.

A number of assault rifles were brandished by the hooligan group

The reasons for the unrest are under investigation, but local officials say he appears to be linked to the drug trade and tensions between members of France in the Chechen community and other ethnic groups.

Similar to clashes erupted in the Mediterranean, the city of Nice in recent days, whose mayor has attributed tensions over drug territory between resident Chechens and their rival Algerians. Four people were injured.

The unrest in Dijon, Gresilles neighborhood began last week after a teenager from the Chechen community was attacked by local drug traffickers, according to France Bleu broadcaster.

Members of the Chechen community called on social media for revenge, and fighting broke out on Friday.

A masked thug wields a huge pistol at the camera

After tensions continued through the weekend, the interior minister ordered reinforcements from the region and announced on Monday that the government should take over the management of the situation.

BFM Images of Television showed two cars and several garbage cans on fire and black smoke rising above a green area of ​​low-rise apartment buildings.

Young people wearing hoods and masks worn with metal bars or bats as they roamed the area, and fortune-telling bomb gas in a plastic bottle to throw on the sidewalk.

A police helicopter circled overhead, and a dozen police buses bordered by a nearby street as firefighters sought to extinguish the scattered flames.

Local residents said on BFM they felt abandoned by the police as violence raged over the weekend.

The prefect, the senior government official in the region, insisted in a statement that “the police have guaranteed respect for public order in a complex situation”, as they tried to cool the heat and contain the violence.

A car turns out of control during chaotic scenes in France

After the government sent reinforcements, junior minister Laurent Nunez visited the area on Tuesday and praised the local police for their efforts.

Local administration said at least 10 people were injured.

Graffiti on a neighbor showcase read “Long live Putin”, in reference to Russian President Vladimir Putin, whose militants fought Chechen militants in two wars, in the 1990s and early 2000s.

France offered asylum to many Chechens at the time, and there are now Chechen communities scattered around France.


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