The US Open 2020 will reconsider the event in a wheelchair despite the support of Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer


A few days ago, the US Open 2020 has announced that the event would be conducted according to the specified dates, that is to say, from 31 August to 13 September 2020, despite the pandemic of sars coronavirus far from over.

To comply with the new standards, and limit the number of people in a particular area, the US Open has deleted the events in a wheelchair, mixed doubles and juniors of his edition 2020.

The world number one in wheelchair tennis Dylan Alcott was unhappy to learn of the cancellation of the event. “This is a blatant discrimination for able-bodied people to decide in my name what I do in my life and my career simply because I am disabled. Not good enough, “ he tweeted after that the US Open has revealed the new.

Also, the legends of the sport Novak Djokovic, Roger Federerand Andy Murray came to the support of Alcott. But unfortunately, the tournament has not led to a decision productive.

“I actually talked to Andy Murray on the phone for 30 minutes yesterday evening, he has publicly supported this morning in the line, we, the players of wheelchair tennis, which is great. I know a lot of high level players, such as Federer, and Novak, who are seeking to help in-house because they also love the tennis in a wheelchair, ” said Dylan.

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After having received a substantial amount of criticism in this regard, the USTA has announced its adoption of the US Open Wheelchair Competition in 2020. They have yet to finalize their approach” to accommodate the editing in a wheelchair in 2020. They will also work with the ITF to look into the matter.

Official statement of the US Open 2020

“The USTA has also committed to work with the players and the ITF to explore a number of potential scenarios for competition in the wheelchair to determine the best approach for athletes and the competition,” The USTA said.

“The USTA is planning to collect the comments of the players on their point of view and to work with the ITF to finalize an approach to the competition, US Open wheelchair 2020.”

The world number one Alcott is a champion of the Grand Slam of career in singles. Still in the domain of the double in 2019, he became the only tennis player male to complete the Grand Slam of the calendar year by winning all four Majors.


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