The upheaval of the race reached the museum after the publication on Instagram of the conservative


“And how much we are grateful to people like Lenoir,” said Mr. Christiansen, ” who have realized that their value – both artistic and historical, exceeded a critical moment of upheaval and of social and political change. “ While Mr Christiansen seemed to plead for the preservation of monuments, he has also found some insensitive and deaf.

The post was criticized in a tweet by the group of defence of workers of the arts, Transparency Art + Museum: “Dear @metmuseumone of your conservatives the most powerful has suggested that it is a shame that we were trying to “rid us of a past that we do not agree with” removing the monuments – and, worse, making the whistle a dog of an equation of #BLM activists with “fanatical revolutionaries”. This is not OK. “

The responses to the tweet were just as critical. “This is disgusting,” said one comment, ” unacceptable “.

Mr. Christiansen then deleted the message and deleted his account Instagram.

Invited to respond to the outcry on Wednesday, Max Hollein, the director of the Met, said in a statement to the Times: “There is no doubt that the Met and its development are also linked to a logic of what is defined as white. supremacy. Our ongoing efforts to diversify not only our collection but also our programs, stories, contexts, and personnel will be further expedited and will benefit from the emergency and the impact from that moment on. “

A day earlier, he had apologized directly to the department of european paintings in an e-mail, calling the release Instagram of ” not only inappropriate and erroneous in his judgment, but simply wrong “.

“Keith is a highly valued member of our community and although this post is on the account Instagram staff of Keith, he is definitely also a part of our conversation and institutional and we need to think about that,” said Mr. Hollein.


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