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The conservative mp calls for “levels of testing in Beijing”Jeremy Hunt, the conservative president of the Committee of health and social care, has called for a “dramatic expansion of the capacity test” for the use them to deal with localized epidemics in airports, for the high-risk groups and health personnel and primary care.

He said: “The challenge we have now is that we don’t know where about two-thirds of all new infections occur, therefore, we are not able to supply in the test process and trace.

“We have contacted approximately 700 people per day to get their contacts, there are approximately 2 500 new infections daily. If you do the math, assuming that every person of coronavirus has approximately nine contacts, which is the current figure, which is up to a quarter of a million people since the beginning of the process that we would have liked to ask to isolate that we have not been able to do it.

“If we had levels of tests in Beijing, in this country, we would be able, in addition to the tests that we are currently doing, to test each front-line employee of the NHS once per week. If we get 200 000, we would also be able to test each front-line worker once a week. ”


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