The trademark application Meghan and Harry’s Archewell rejected because the plans are “too vague”


The trade mark application of Meghan Markle and Archewell of prince Harry for their new charity has been rejected for ” too vague “. The pair, who adapt now to life in Los Angeles, had hoped to launch the non-profit this year, but the outbreak of coronavirus has caused delays.

Their plans have reached another stumbling block after the Office of patents and trademarks United States is opposed to the nature of “wave” of Archewell.

The documents were submitted on march 3, and filed by the Cobblestone Lane LLC, a Delaware corporation, which has links with Meghan Markle.

One examiner was responsible for examining their application on 26 may and have since received a “notice of deficiency”, reports The Sun.

Meghan and Harry have moved to Los Angeles earlier this year as they adjust to life outside of the royal family

The notice requires a number of changes which must be made by the lawyer of the couple by August – otherwise the application will be rejected.

The notice reads as follows: “The formulation” providing a website featuring content relating to philanthropy, to cash donations, to volunteer opportunities and career ” in international class 35 is also indefinite and too broad, and needs to be clarified to specify the nature of the content provided. “

Trade mark application Meghan and Harry’s Archewell

The notice also states that Meghan and Harry have not paid the additional fee to process the request.

To make things worse, the action is non-final office was not signed, which meant that the request could not be verified.

Despite this, their brand may be stored without be active until the changes are made.

Harry and Meghan are launching Archewell, an empire of well-being that bears the name of their son Archie, who was to lead groups of emotional support and a empire multi-media education.

The application has been filed with the us Office of patents and trademarks

The couple said that Archewell had been created ” to do something significant, to do something that counts “.

The duke and duchess have told the Daily Telegraph: “Like you, our goal is to support the efforts to combat the global pandemic of Covid-19, but in the face of such information that are revealed, we felt compelled to share the story of how this happened.

“Before SussexRoyal, came up with the idea of” Ark “- the Greek word meaning” source of action “.

Harry and Meghan are launching Archewell who will lead support groups, emotional

“We are connected to this concept for the charity that we hoped to build one day, and it became the inspiration for the name of our son.

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“We look forward to launching Archewell when the time comes. “


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