The Toronto Maple Leafs will not comment on not reports COVID-19 players and staff


The Toronto Maple Leafs issued a statement Friday evening saying that they ” do not comment on not reporting surrounding the tests for the players or the staff of the club “.Here’s the statement in full:

“According to the protocol of the national hockey League regarding COVID-19, the Toronto Maple Leafs will not comment on not reporting surrounding the tests for any of the players or staff of the club. The medical information of a person in this regard are private. The club will rely on the policy of the NHL on the treatment of disclosure of positive test results, in the sense that the league will regularly provide updates with the aggregated totals of the number of tests performed and number of positive tests reported without disclosing the identity of the clubs or players involved. ”

Earlier Friday, a report was published about a player from the alignment of the Maple Leafs in which the test was positive for COVID-19.

Also on Friday, the Tampa Bay Lightning has been forced to temporarily close its training centre for phase 2, because many players and some staff members have been tested positive for COVID-19, according to the insider, TSN Hockey Bob McKenzie. McKenzie thinks that these are three players and two staff members who have been tested positive and added that the players and staff are remaining tested. It is expected that the training centre re-opens if there are more positive tests.

Last week, a player of the Boston Bruins became the 10th NHL player to have a confirmed case of the novel coronavirus.

The training camps of the NHL, otherwise known as phase 3 of the plan to return to the game from the league, expected to start on 10 July.


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