The text messages before the flight, which killed Kobe Bryant seem to show that the driver became disoriented in the fog


The weather and visibility were essential to the accident, pointed to a study of the performance of the National Transportation Safety Board in newly published documents. The documents – more than a thousand pages of detail a large part of the investigation. These documents are not the final report of the case, which will determine the exact cause of the accident.

Before each flight with Bryant, a text group was always established to keep everyone in communication on the flights. This text group mentioned weather problems before Flight, but they were fired by the pilot and the co-ordinator of vol.

The records show that the co-ordinator of flight, asked the pilot of the aircraft, Ara Zobayan, on the forecast one day before the planned flight.

“I haven’t checked the best day of tomorrow but not as bad as today “, says Zobayan.

Zobayan is again recorded on the day of the flight about the weather conditions.

“The time of the morning seems to be correct,” he said.

Less than an hour later, the coordinator asked: “Ara, looks like the weather for 9 hours of departure”.

Zobayan replied: “It should go ”

“I agree,” replied the coordinator.

Driver apparently confused

While the helicopter was moving to the north, Orange county to Burbank, the clouds and the fog worsened. The aircraft has travelled along highway 118 towards its destination of Calabasas and the pilot was flying at an altitude of about 1,500 feet, according to the records.

Kobe and Gianna Bryant knew the risks of flying, according to a company helicopter in a criminal record

Zobayan said to the controllers radar that he was going ” to start our ascent to go over … layers “.

When asked his intentions, the pilot replied, ” climbing to four thousand “, but the helicopter went down 17 seconds before the end of the data, the report said.

The controllers were again asked his intentions, but the pilot never responded “.

“The angles apparent calculated at this time show that the pilot would have been able to misperceive the angles of pitch and roll “, the report documents.

Zobayan was a favorite driver

Documents from the NTSB shows that only drivers authorized can perform a charter flight Kobe Inc.

A driver in a crash that killed Kobe Bryant has violated the flight rules meteorological conditions in 2015, according to the records of the FAA

Over the past three years, four employees of Island Express have been authorised to perform a charter flight Kobe Inc.: Zobayan, Garret Dalton, David Harvey and Josh Bagge.

“Ara was the favorite of Kobe Inc. and the pilot that he preferred ” the documents shows.

E-mails obtained by the issuance NTSB between September and December, with eight flights Island Express reserved for celebrities and renowned have been cancelled due to bad weather, said an employee of Island Express.

These flights were intended for customers David Burd (Lil Dicky), Kawhi Leonard and Kylie Jenner.


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