The streamers Twitch become dark Wednesday after allegations of sexual abuse


Dozens of streamers Twitch are committed to getting dark on Wednesday to protest against the general claims of sexual abuse against some of the most prominent figures in the platform.

In the last few days, many allegations have surfaced, mainly women, saying that they had been sexually harassed, assaulted, or confronted with the sexism on the part of powerful streamers. In the middle of calculations, several of the defendants have apologized or have fallen in the dark on the social networks, and the CEO of Online Performers Group, a talent agency that works with streamers, resigned.

Frustrated by the lack of action from Twitch itself, some streamers have chosen to suspend their stream for a day in a #TwitchBlackout.

The idea was the result of several people, but the first tweet public has come to SirKatelyn, a streamer Twitch of Northern California.

“Me and one of my friends, we both had simultaneously the idea that this could happen if many of us were tuned not for a day, if we were able to remove them,” said Katelyn to BuzzFeed News. “It was the idea of see what we think of the platform now. ”

Katelyn said that she had not been herself a victim of abuse by the other streamers Twitch, but she had seen the story after the story of abuse as well as racism and sexism on the platform, with little action from Twitch.

“When someone raises allegations of sexual assault against a partner and that Twitch does nothing to punish this partner, this is part of the cycle of abuse “, she said. “Conversely, there are very good partners who use their platforms to fight against this, and it is something that we need to have more. ”

Katelyn is an affiliate on Twitch, a membership level that allows creators to earn money and opens up other options on the platform. The next step is to become a partner, which opens up more revenue opportunities and better support from Twitch. Many of the men who have been accused of misconduct are partners, and many of the allegations imply that these men are using their status as a means of abusing women.

Erin Marie Hall, known under the name of YourStarling on Twitch, is one of the women who appeared. She is also an affiliate and broadcasts, generally with the help of the platform of karaoke Twitch, Twitch Sings.

She said that she was once in an abusive relationship with a colleague streamer that the degrading of insults, saying that it was good only for sex and revealed her sexual work prior to his religious family. She said that he would tell him also to commit suicide.

“The number of times where I fell asleep after having a panic attack on the floor of the bathroom, alone in the dark, without knowing how I could get out, I can’t even count “, she said.

His alleged abuser, said to BuzzFeed News that their relationship was ” wonderful “, that he was not violent, and ” I’m not this monster that she makes me believe “. He said they had broken up amicably.

“These allegations against me are absolutely not true,” he said.

Hall said that she had managed to get out of the relationship, but, as it has grown in popularity on Twitch, he sent a tweet to his subject, which, according to it, was an incitement to harassment. It was all reported to Twitch but never got a response.

Her former boyfriend said that the tweet was a mistake “knee” which was removed in five minutes and that he himself has told Twitch that it was a mistake. He accuses Hall of the to have passed it and said that the guidelines from Twitch about the “witch hunts” have prevented it from responding.

“I am deeply, deeply wounded by all of this. I want this to be finished, I plan to go to the police “, he said.

Hall said that an employee from Twitch has confirmed that her case had been discussed, but that it was ultimately went nowhere. She has also learned that during a meeting with bare hands, the CEO of Twitch, Emmett Shear, had flatly rejected the allegations.

Twitch refused to comment on the specific claims of Hall, but pointed to an e-mail that Shear has sent to the staff and shared on Twitter in which he said that he was concerned about the allegations of harassment.

“If, at a given time, you have heard my comments and felt that they were dismissive or that Twitch didn’t care, I’m sorry that this happened and I want you to know that this was in no way my intention “, he said in the email.

“I also know about the teams of people responsible for evaluating and investigating allegations of this nature, who care deeply and are doing everything possible to be thorough and make the right calls.”

Twitch has also released a statement on Twitter saying that he takes “very seriously” accusations of sexual harassment and misconduct, ” and that they are actively investigating the cases of abuse.

Hall said it was bittersweet to see the conversation unfold on Twitter.

“It is both justifying and frustrating because I have stopped trying to talk for a long time, precisely because I reported it to Twitch as I had to do it,” she said.

“Finally, I just stopped because I felt like I was shouting into the void. ”

Gemma, known under the name of KawaiiFoxita on Twitch, is another driving force behind the call for a power outage.

She said that she found the story of the Hall particularly stirring.

“I knew that I was no longer able to distribute knowing that even their CEO didn’t care. How can I in all conscience continue to fund them? ” she said.

Gemma has said that she plans to continue the outage, beyond the action of a day.

“I’m going to do until we find a real change on the platform,” she said. “At a minimum, I want to see an action plan presented on how they will solve this problem. How they plan to move forward, how they intend to hold them accountable. I want to see bans. ”

Hall said she was grateful to see people express themselves and act, and has received private messages from other women who have been victims of rape or harassment by Twitch Partners without justice.

“This is a huge problem and not a problem for which I have necessarily a solution, at least a big cleaning of the house,” she said.

“It’s going to be impossible to solve this problem if the people at the time did not care about most of the creators of net income. “


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