The spokesperson of HHS Michael Caputo blame the journalists for the coronavirus


On Wednesday, a spokesman for the foreground of the u.s. Department of health and social services has unloaded dozens of journalists, accusing them of having been “spun” by what he has said to be a history of misleading on the federal funding eliminated for 13 test sites of coronavirus.The tirade of Michael Caputo, the spokesman, has led to the abrupt withdrawal of a telephone conference call that HHS is organized for the journalists with admiral Brett Giroir, the tsar of test Covid-19 of the administration Trump.

“The reason we set up this call so quickly and why we have more than 75 journalists on this call, it is because you were excited “, smoked Caputo, interrupting the call for the first time after nearly an hour without speaking.

“Someone has given you misinformation,” said Caputo in a loud voice. “Do you understand? I am old enough to remember when it was considered dishonest to undermine the public’s confidence in the public health system. ”

“This is what the people who you have spun in this story are trying to do,” said Caputo, the assistant secretary of HHS for public affairs, who was appointed to his post in April after years as an agent for a republican in New York and worked with the president of Donald. Campaign 2016 Trump for the White House.

Caputo, and to a degree less shrill, and Giroir, are opposed to a number of reports that explained in detail how the federal government would eliminate, by 30 June, the funding of 13 community sites for screening of sars coronavirus in five States. Seven of the sites are located in Texas.

Giroir has spent a lot of time during this call to explain how these sites will remain open, although with public funding and local, and that there are already hundreds of other sites test Covid-19 managed by private entities which are supported directly or indirectly. with the federal money.

Giroir said in the call that the test capability at the national level would not be reduced by the elimination of funding of the 13 sites, but would rather be increased.

Towards the end of the call, a reporter was called to ask a question, but Caputo intervened after the journalist has not been heard.”This is less than a thousandth of the test facilities in this country. Less than one-thousandth! “Said Caputo, her voice rising.

“And yet, you spend an hour on the phone and we drive the people to fight against the coronavirus so that you can … for your information to be corrected! “Said Caputo.

“I urge you, and I am in the folder with you, to call them back and ask them why do they work to undermine the public health system into a full pandemic,” he said.

“Please report this with precision. Thank you very much. ”

“And it’s on the disc!” he added.

Caputo has kept up the heat after the first publication of this article, disputing his title.

If the journalists of the article from CNBC ” knew me, they would know that I have not lost my temper “, he wrote in a tweet. “Extend the 20 minute call does not end abruptly. But their story is correct. ”

And by responding to the tweet of the journalist of the Washington Post, Paige Cunningham, that he had “yelled” at another journalist during the call, Caputo has written: “If I cried, you know Paige. We have maintained the call for an additional 20 minutes to help you see the folly of this story planted. Need more time? ”

Caputo, before becoming the spokesperson for the HHS, had the reputation of being a defender policy is aggressive, sometimes profane.

He resigned from the campaign for the Trump in July 2016 after having tweeted “Ding Dong the witch is dead” in response to the reference to Trump his campaign director of the time, Corey Lewandowski.

Caputo is a long-time friend of Roger Stone, a fellow republican, who was convicted last year for having lied to the Congress and to have been witness tampering.

The installation of Caputo at the HHS has been widely regarded as a decision to check the secretary of HHS, Alex Azar, in which Trump would have been unhappy at the time about the management of the pandemic of sars coronavirus.

Caputo is also the author of a book, ” The hoax Ukrainian: how decades of corruption in the former soviet Republic have led to the false misleading of Trump. “


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