The spain of the re-opening of the border with France, the united KINGDOM


Spain reopened its borders to tourists on Sunday in a bid to revive its economy. File photo

The traffic flowed again through Spain on the border with France, Sunday, as the last of the strict Spanish coronavirus restrictions introduced in March have been eased.

The prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, announced earlier this month in Madrid, which would eliminate border controls with most of its members of the EU, the partner states of the 21 June that efforts to control the pandemic seems to work.


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During this time, Spain has also re-opened its borders to British tourists, on Sunday, in a bid to revive its economy, while Brazil and South Africa has struggled with rising levels of infection by the coronavirus. At a campaign rally, the President, Donald Trump has said that he has told his government to reduce US to test for the virus, an apparent attempt to avoid unflattering statistics.

A woman rejoices in his house in the support of health workers in Ronda, southern Spain. File/Reuters

The head of the World Health Organization warned that the virus, the global spread is accelerating after a daily high of 150 000 new cases were reported last week.

Spain has been one of the countries most affected, the suffering of more than 28 000 people dead and nearly 300 000 cases, with its economy and, especially, the key of the tourism industry devastated.

Madrid, the capital, and Barcelona and the catalonia region, have been very badly hit and remained a longer time under more stringent restrictions than elsewhere.

The new coronavirus has infected nearly 8.8 million people and killed more than 464,000 up in the world, according to figures compiled by the Johns Hopkins University. The actual number is thought to be much higher, because many cases do not test it.

During a campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Trump said Saturday that he has told his administration to slow down the virus testing. He said that the united States has tested to 25 million people, but the “bad part” is that it has found more cases.

The Spanish government announced Saturday that as of Sunday, EU member state citizens and those of the passport-free Schengen zone would be allowed freely in Spain, with the n ° 14-day mandatory quarantine.

Portugal, however, has said it will keep its border with Spain closed until the 1st of July.

In Madrid’s main Atocha train station, Laura Garcia waited with impatience for the train to take him to Barcelona to see his fiance.



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