The Segway, the transport of choice for mall security, is death


So long, partner. Loren Elliott/Getty Images

The original Segway — yes, the one that we see often mall security growth retardation — will reach the end of the road in the month of July.

Gizmodo first reported the self-balancing scooter is death on Tuesday, and noted that the gear has not been a great sales success. The Segway creator, Dean Kamen sold the company to China Ninebot in 2015, and the OG Segway is composed of only 1.5% of its turnover in 2019. So, it was time for the wheel of the machine away.

Segway did not immediately return the Tour to the request for comments on the mobility of the vehicle disappearance.

Although the Segway was supposed to revolutionize the mobility when it made its debut in 2001, the vehicle is at the price of $5000 it difficult to sell. Yet, he was incredibly agile machine that the balance itself, and need only a minimum of movement by the rider to propel the battery-powered scooter of all kinds around.

While the Segway many of us know how to leave the world on 15 July, the parent company, Ninebot still plans to create the mobility of the machines. In fact, he showed off the new Segway To S-Pod this kind of looks like an egg on wheels. There is no necessary bias as the original Segway because it uses a button control, and it will go up to 24 km / h.

But, we welcome the original Segway. It was just a little ahead of its time.

Watch this:

Riding on the Segway S-Pod, a self-balancing…



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