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The game in Seattle last season, said the coach of the Saints in New Orleans, Joel Thomas, shows that Alvin Kamara to 100% is one of the players the most electric of the NFL.

It was the gravity of the moment, with the quarter-back # 2 Teddy Bridgewater entering a hostile environment to relieve the injured Drew Brees as a quarterback from the team. But it was also performance art. The speed, the grace, the diving and the avoidance of the tackles, yes, but the way in which he has crossed also.

“It was football vintage Alvin Kamara,” said Thomas.

This game of Seattle is what the coaches of the Saints believe to be the true representation of the powers of Kamara. And while nagging injuries have prevented him from reproducing the performance of Superman that is so unique to the rest of the season 2019, the Saints are banking on a Kamara motivated to prove exactly who he is in 2020.

“He wants to propose a better season than the one he proposed last year, simply,” said Thomas. “This is the true sign of a competitor: are they satisfied with the last season, or do they want to continue to improve? “I know in his heart and in his mind that what he produced was not 100% all the time up to his best football. ”

Return to Seattle last season, when Kamara was let loose to the Seahawks at 161 yards from the scrum, and a pair of touchdowns, while they touched it. Thomas has been urged to look beyond the numbers, to zoom out and appreciate all of the work in its entirety.

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It was also the way it has strengthened the protection against the passes, the way he did miss the defenders, that it is in an open space or hardly any space, the way in which he has passed through the attempted tackle of people who weighed 70 pounds on him. It was full.

It was his first time to play against the Seahawks, a eternal power of the NFC, and after the game, several players expressed their admiration for the resistance of an opponent Kamara. During an appearance on the radio Monday morning, coach in Seattle, Pete Carroll, has stated that Kamara was “better than I thought” and that he ” had a style about it that you must see in person “.

The match in Seattle was week 3, and this seemed to be the point of departure for what would be a year huge for Kamara. These first few weeks of the season felt like a coil of highlighting extended Kamara is not transforming nothing into something extraordinary.

“There have been moments of breathtaking when you look on the button and you think it’s going to be second and 8 and all of a sudden, it is a first down,” said the coordinator of the offensive of the Saints, Pete Carmichael.

But his season 2019 has not followed the storyline. Even if neither Kamara nor the coaching staff of the Saints do not spend a lot of time to discuss it all season long, injuries have wreaked havoc on the rusher. He missed two games and has exceeded 100-metre scrum in four of his last 11 games.

The final figures of Kamara were always solid. Among NFL players with at least 100 attempts of precipitation, it is ranked # 13 in yards per carry (4,66) – in front of players such as Aaron Jones, Dalvin Cook and Ezekiel Elliott – and he is ranked no. 3 among long-distance runners in the NFL in receptions (81). despite two games missed.

Yet, there was the feeling that something was missing as the season progressed. The distinctive style and incomparable that was displayed in this match Seattle was more difficult to find later in the year.

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“He is the only one to know exactly what he’s been through, but I know, it has not been 100% all season,” said Thomas. “There was a time where, whether it be a back, a knee, an ankle, anything, he fought the best he could.

“In the end, its 75% could be 100% of someone else, and that is why he always tries to go play and put his best foot forward. ”

In march, the NFL tweeted the reel of highlights from Alvin Kamara 2019 under the text “Three seasons in the NFL. Three selections Pro Bowl. “Kamara was quoted and said that he had done on one leg at 75%, but that he was back to 100.

There is much more to be done to Kamara this year as the pride, of course. At this time, it is on the point of entering the last year of a contract for a rookie who will earn $ 2.3 million this season.

Thus, the stars could align for that Kamara has a lot more games like the one in Seattle that those who have followed. This is what the saints await.

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