The rule of 2 million is being revised, but we must avoid the “bacchanal mass” when reopening pubs

TThe spread of coronavirus cases is “highly correlated” with the scale of air travel, according to a report.

A study by the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) cited the United Kingdom as an example of where a large number of domestic and international flights “facilitated contagion”.

The report says that “the flow of air passengers across and within the country’s borders has been a major contributor to the spread of the virus.”

Serge Stroobants, a director of the IEP, told the PA news agency: “The countries most affected are the countries that actually participate in world trade in the globalized world and the interconnected world.

“These are countries where you will find a large airport hub, which allows people to travel from one country to another.

“This is why, for example, in the Milan region of Italy, Paris, Brussels, Frankfurt, London and New York, these large international hubs have created more trade and more growth potential for the virus. ”

The British government’s policies on air travel during the pandemic have been controversial.

Flights are not limited and international arrivals are only required to quarantine 14 days since Monday.

While there were still a small number of cases of coronavirus in the UK, there were calls for flight restrictions from destinations deemed to be at high risk for the virus.

The government insisted at the time that there was no evidence that closing the borders would be an effective measure.

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