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Former Columbus North girls tennis player Eva Knight said she loves to travel everywhere in the world.Knight hopes to have made a much shorter journey in his school tennis career — a trip to the state finals.

After the state doubles final four his second year, and the state quarter-finals with the team last year, his last season has been canceled because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Knight is unique because it is in a class of very few people his age who are trilingual, speaking fluent French, Spanish and English.

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A native of France, a Knight lived there until she was 9 years old. She then moved with his family to Mexico to live for a couple of years and learned the game of tennis when she was there. Later, she moved to the united States when she was 12.

Last month, a Knight, a graduate of the North. She flies to France at the beginning of this month and will begin her studies, where she will major in civil engineering.

Knight has not yet decided what school she will attend in France than in schools, the habit of not responding until later, in June, while she is waiting and hoping that she is accepted to the school she wants. She has a backup plan since she has recently accepted its second school of your choice.

After Knight graduated from university, she will not exclude a return to the UNITED states because she hopes to work for an international company so she can travel the world and have the opportunity to come back and work here.

“I am a person who does not like to stay in one place and likes to travel around and see many cultures,” Knight said. “I would not say that I wanted to stay in France permanently.”

Knight learned to play tennis when she lived in Mexico at the age of 9 years. Later, she honed her skills when she moved to Columbus. She began practicing and training at Tipton Lakes Athletic Club, and she went there to practice during the high school tennis in the off-season.

In his first season of tennis in the North in 2017, she played mostly No. 2 doubles with classmate Ali Bergman. The Bull Dogs made it to semistate for the year as a team.

Knight had a huge success in 2018 as a sophomore playing No. 1 doubles, then-senior Madelyn Sanders. Knight admits she did not expect to be paired up with Sanders at the beginning of the season, but when coach Kendal Hammel has taken the decision to pair the duo together, they were an instant success that would catapult them to the dual state semi-finals.

“I really didn’t expect to play with Madelyn Sanders,” Knight said. “Once we started, we could start to play really well together, and I was really impressed by the way, we went all the way up to the semi-finals.”

In the semi final match, Knight and Sanders, the face of opponents they were all too familiar with Columbus East Megna Chari and Kathryn Hodzen.

It would be a match that lived up to the billing. After a back-and-forth battle that lasted nearly three hours, Knight and Sanders ended up on the wrong end of a 7-6 (5), 5-7, 6-4 loss.

Even if this was not the result Knight had hoped, she said that the atmosphere and the experience of being in the dual state semi-final was really special.

“At the beginning, we were very nervous to play against Is because they are friends, and we know how they play and their chemistry is strong,” Knight said. “It was going to be a tough match. I was really nervous at first, but once I’m on the court, I had the most fun.”

Hammel said what made Knight in the order a special player is his ability to play in both doubles and singles.

“It was just one of the players that have hardly ever complained of anything. His contribution to the team, both in singles and doubles, she has always done everything that has asked you to do that,” Hammel said. “She was curious how things were going to go this year. We were looking for a very good, fun year this year, team wise.”

Knight will not have the possibility to play in another state final. She hopes to have been paired with Bergman, this spring, and possibly make an even stronger run. She said that she and Bergman had great teamwork and chemistry when they played together in doubles, three years ago.

“We made a perfect pair, and I thought that we might have, it is very present, as well,” the Knight said. “My goal was to return to the state finals and going into double as individuals, but also to continue with my team at the state level.”

The Knight was a captain last year, and that it was going to be a captain again this spring. She is thankful for a great career as a Bull Dog.

“I think I had the best of three years playing with the team,” she said. “We get on very well that every time I’m on the court or in practice or in a game, I always had a smile on my face. We have an incredible group of girls who are having fun all the time on and off the field. It is simply the best chemistry ever.”

Knight had one last piece of advice to his teammates.

“Just keep smiling,” she said. “Never stop laughing on the court. Even if you lose a point, you should not continue to think about the error. Just laugh it off, and just keep smiling while you play tennis. Never forget the fun you have at the moment.”

The Knight of file

Name: Eva Knight

High school: Columbus North

Category: 2020 graduate

College: Undecided

Intended major: Civil engineering


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