The results of the surveys of Boris Johnson are not restated since his hospitalization, according to new figures


The perception of the public regarding the management by the government of the crisis of the sars coronavirus has still not recovered since the week where Boris Johnson was admitted to the hospital, according to new polls.A majority of the British now think the government is handling poorly the crisis, 52 per cent of respondents said in a poll carried out by Orb International that Mr. Johnson is a poorly performing, compared to 40 percent who think that his strategy has been a success.

The culmination of the dimensions of the approval of the government throughout the crisis has been the week where the Prime minister was rushed to the hospital, ten days after having tested positive to the virus.

On 7 April, just after his admission to St Thomas ‘ hospital, 68 p. 100 of the public believed that Mr. Johnson was managing the pandemic.

As he was transferred to an intensive care unit, and then discharged to recover from the virus to Chequers, the odds of approval have fallen.

Two weeks after the hospitalization of the Prime minister, leaving Dominic Raab is the head of government, only 52 percent thought that government was doing well.

Mr Raab, the minister of foreign Affairs, showed himself to be evasive as to the powers available to it to change the policy of the government in matters of coronavirus while Mr. Johnson was in the hospital and that he could not take any decision.

Cabinet ministers have decided to wait until he returns to London before making an announcement on the easing of the blockade.

But the first week back at work of the Prime minister, from 26 April, has not given a boost in the polls from the government.


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