The reopening of the border with France as a country facilitates Covid-19 restrictions


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                Le trafic coulait de nouveau à travers l'Espagne sur la frontière avec la France, le dimanche comme le dernier de la stricte espagnol coronavirus restrictions introduites en Mars ont été assouplies.

Le premier Ministre, Pedro Sanchez a annoncé plus tôt ce mois-ci de Madrid, qui permettrait de supprimer les contrôles aux frontières avec la plupart des autres etats de l'UE du 21 juin, lorsque l'état d'urgence a également terminé.

Spain has been one of the most affected countries, suffering more than 28,000 deaths, its economy and above all the key to the devastated tourism industry.

“This morning, I was the first Spanish customer in the store where I used to go, but there are soon 10 people behind me,” said Daniel Ange-Nielleville, a retired Frenchman who lives in Perpignan, near the border but stores in Spain, where it is cheaper.

Opening its borders, Spain, hoping to recover part of the bulk of the tourist season

Madrid and Barcelona and their respective regions were hit hard, and remained under the tightest restrictions longer than elsewhere.

On Sunday, AFP journalists at the Perthus railway crossing near the eastern end of the border saw cars crossing the tracks, every two or three minutes, with more going from Spain to France.

There were no checks starting at midnight and traffic was flowing.

Spanish allowed to leave home, regions

The Spanish government announced on Saturday as of Sunday EU member state citizens and those of the passport-free Schengen area would be allowed freely in Spain, with the 14-day quarantine mandatory.

However, Portugal has declared that it will keep its border with Spain closed until July 1.

With the state of emergency lifted, the Spanish were also allowed to travel outside their home region for the first time since solitary confinement was imposed on March 14.

“I’m a little scared of traveling, I’m being careful,” said Alba Bartolome, 22, who has been waiting for a train to Murcia from Madrid’s main station at Atocha station.

In the “new normal”, the Spanish will have to wear masks in closed spaces, to maintain the social distance of 1.5 meters (five feet) while access to swimming pools, beaches, hotels and restaurants will be limited accordingly.

“We are still vulnerable”

About 600 ministry of health personnel during this time will monitor airports to verify personal data and the temperature of the arrival of foreign passengers.

Doctors to review all suspected cases.

Sanchez had warned the Spaniards on Saturday not to let their guard down.

“We are still vulnerable. We have to be careful and strictly follow the health measures, “he said.

From July 1, Spain will fully open its borders.




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