The Redskins benefit from former owner George Preston Marshall in the Ring of Fame


The Washington Redskins remove the former owner George Preston Marshall to their Ring of Fame and they get rid of everything that is associated on their Web site.

The reason for which the franchise cut ties with its founder racist is that he has refused to integrate in signing black players until the league is forced to do in 1962, more than a decade after the rest of the NFL.

The name Marshall has already been removed from the wall of history of the centre of training of the team in Ashburn, Virginia. Now, the Ring of Fame removes its name from its stadium in Landover, Maryland on Wednesday, and the process of changing the website has officially started as well as.

Last week, the Redskins were renamed to the lower part of FedEx Field which was named after the late Hall of Famer Bobby Mitchell, who was the first black player in the team. A statue has also been recently removed from the former home of the Redskins at RFK Stadium in Washington.


“I have no feeling against it,” said the granddaughter of Marshall, Jordan Wright, to the Associated Press in a telephone interview. “My feeling has always been that if someone is offended by these things, then it suits me. They should remove it. ”

Wright stated that she had tried for years to remove the statue from the stadium of RFK, but had not been informed of the date of the last week.

“Well, that was a big surprise, it was nothing that I have not yet tried to put in motion “, she said.

Marshall was the owner of the franchise since its inception in 1932 and moved the team from Boston to Washington several years later. He has been inducted into the hall of fame of professional football in 1963 and died in 1969.

“His contributions are well noted in many of the books and statistics, and its emissions to half-time, and the rules of the game and the things that he has established, and it is always the hall of fame of professional football in Canton,” said Wright. “It is very good. This is where it belongs – in history – and if they change it, OK. I don’t care really. I’m not offended. ”

The hall of fame last week, there is nothing in its articles of association do permit the withdrawal of a member, once elected, adding that the embedding ” is based on the achievements on the pitch for the players and coaches and, in the case of the contributors for the growth and promotion of the game. ”


The recent national debate on racism has renewed calls to the current owner Dan Snyder to change the team name. A spokesman said last week that the team had no comment and that the NFL had not responded to questions about the future of the name.

Wright said that changing the name is something that ” must be done “. It goes well with the name of Marshall retired from the Ring of Fame in large part because it is expected that the team leaves FedEx Field and moves into a new stadium in the near future.

With this could come a return in the District of Columbia, and, potentially, a new nickname for the team named Marshall.

“This is a new era,” said Wright. “It has been. But there has been a lot of people who live in a bubble that, let’s just say, their consciousness has not been high, even if there is all kinds of evidence, as it should be now. ”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


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