The recent council of life of prince William, prince Harry and Meghan shows that he cares and lack the Sussex


Be a member of the royal family is like a dream become a reality for just about anyone, but when you ask the members of the family themselves, they will tell you that it is anything but easy. The members of the royal family are constantly in the spotlight, whether they want to or not, and there are always so many rumors circulating that it is almost impossible to always know exactly what is true.

The difficult situation is added the fact that the royal family has virtually no private life, what prince Harry and Meghan, duchess of Sussex, have lived more than anyone else. The couple wanted nothing more than a quiet life for themselves and their son of one year, Archie Harrison, and no matter what they do, they could not get it.

Things have become so difficult for Meghan and prince Harry as they took their suitcases and left England, even if we really can’t say that the situation has become easier. Here’s why prince William is said to have advised prince Harry to return to London.

The removal of prince Harry to THE

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Prince Harry was born and raised in London, England, and many fans expected very likely to live his whole life. Shortly after his marriage to Meghan, they have surprised everyone by leaving the Kensington palace and moved in to their new home in Windsor, England.

Unfortunately, the duke and duchess have not found the intimacy they were looking for, and this is shortly after they announced that they démissionneraient of their duties royal. After spending some time in Vancouver, the couple decided to move to LA, where Meghan was born and grew up.

According to the Washington Post, the move has not been without its fair share of critics, many people saying that they would never find what they were looking for in living in California.

Meghan and prince Harry still did not have the privacy they want

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Since Meghan and prince Harry have moved into their new home, they find that they do not have the privacy that they have come to THE to find. Then they knew probably that they might not disappear completely in the background, the duke and duchess are finding that they are constantly monitored, even if they had taken all the measures to protect themselves from what was happening.

According to Vogue, privacy has become a major concern for Meghan and prince Harry, with drones flying over their house and unwanted attention constant on the part of photographers. In fact, they had to set up screens for privacy around their property to prevent people from trying to get a glimpse of the interior.

Why prince William is said to have advised prince Harry to return to London

Prince Harry | JEREMY SELWYN / POOL / AFP via Getty Images

It is true that the older brothers are still looking for their younger brothers and sisters, especially prince William and prince Harry. Why, then, William has-t-he advised his brother to return to London?

Apparently, the duke of Cambridge knows that prince Harry does not live easily in California, and, naturally, he wants what is best for you. Prince William knows very well how photographers can be intrusive, and he understands that Harry is looking for a peaceful life.

According to US Weekly, prince Harry has talked a lot about his elder brother, in search of the support and compassion they need during this difficult time.

Meghan and prince Harry were not the easy task, even in Los Angeles, and prince William wants only what is best for them. He thinks that is not the safest place for Sussex to live in this moment, and would prefer to see them return to London for their own well-being.

“William has advised Harry to return to London or to relocate elsewhere, in a safer place,” said an insider to US Weekly. “He is concerned about the well-being and the safety of his brother.”

As a big brother protector, the prince William probably wants prince Harry to be safe. He would have also missed prince Harry and Meghan.

“The Sussex are free to resume their new life [and] the Cambridges may go back to their old lives without all the turmoil and drama that were clearly a big problem in the wings “, said the expert royal Katie Nicholl to Entertainment Tonight. “I think that Kate and William are missing Harry and Meghan, to some extent, but certainly Harry their lack [being] around and a part of their lives. “


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