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William is said to be regularly catch up with his sister, after dinner, in the company of his wife, Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge. The Duke of Cambridge called his brother on the Zoom, after his three children, Prince George, the Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis have a single bed. It is estimated that William calls after the evening meal are due to the time difference to Los Angeles, where Prince Harry and Meghan live with their son Archie.

The prince would have seen Zoom as a way to stay in contact with Harry, and the source speaks of Fabulous Digital believes that the calls to allow William to keep “tabs” on his brother.The source said Fabulous Digital: “William Zoom is a good, informal way to keep in touch, and some would say” tabs “, on his younger brother.

“These calls are made from Anmer to the private lounge.

“This is not the room that Kate and William for their public zoom sessions. “

They have suggested that the zoom calls allow princes to easily contact each other at a moment’s notice inside an overloaded schedule.

The calls are a private matter, and the princes goal is to keep the conversations low-key and casual “.

The source added: “there is nothing official about these Zoom sessions.

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Speaking to the Telegraph, Morton believes that the coronavirus has “essentially put Charles on the throne”.

It was also suggested that the pandemic has “done more damage to the monarchy than Oliver Cromwell.”

Morton said the paper over the reality of the Queen is likely to face the pandemic, and even if she would want to resume his duties, he believes that it will not be possible anytime soon.

Morton said: “The brutal truth is that his reign is effectively over.

“COVID-19 has done more damage to the monarchy than Oliver Cromwell.

“Corona has practically put Charles on the throne.

“It is terribly sad, but I don’t see how the Queen can go back to his work.
“The Covid-19 virus will not go away anytime soon and will be with us for months, if not years.

“If she gets the bug it could be fatal and would put the Prince Phillip at risk as well,” said Morton.


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