The president of Kosovo is accused of war crimes for his role in the war with Serbia


Although most of the 13 500 victims of the war in Kosovo to be Kosovo Albanians killed by the Serbian troops, about 2 000 were Serbs, Roma and Kosovo Albanians killed by NATO bombs or guerrilla groups like the Kosovo liberation Army.

To investigate potential war crimes committed by these guerrilla groups, the Parliament of kosovo has established a legal system special in 2016, composed of foreign lawyers and based in the netherlands to allow its staff to work more independently.

Although the investigators had previously called the Prime minister of kosovo in the year to testify at The Hague, Mr. Thaci and his co-accused have been among the first to be indicted by the prosecutors.

Prosecutors have accused Mr. Thaci, Kadri Veseli, the former head of espionage, and several of the accused not identified, crimes against humanity, including murder, enforced disappearance of persons, persecution, and torture.

“If the indictment was confirmed, this would be unprecedented,” said Vigan Qorrolli, professor of law at the University of Pristina, capital of Kosovo. “Some people thought that they would choose the smaller fish, but they have started with the larger fish. “

Mr Thaci began his public life as the head of the Kosovo liberation Army, but turned to the political calendar after the end of the war, acting as both Prime minister and minister of foreign Affairs. Since 2016, he is the chairman of the ceremony, mainly from Kosovo.


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