The players of the Forge FC are in favour of the assistant coach who is fighting against the accusation of racism


The players of the Forge FC are in favour of assistant coach Peter Reynders, whose battle to launder allegations of racist comments is in its second year.In a letter addressed to the owner of a Forge, Bob Young, the players cite the “unjust accusations and ill-treatment” of Reynders, which they call ” not only a great coach, but an amazing person “.

“We acknowledge your support for coach Peter, but it is clear that the process has failed him and us, “wrote the players.

Several players of the Cavalry FC have accused Reynders to have made racist statements after a scrum post-game following a qualifying match for the canadian Championship on June 4, 2019. Reynders held the position of interim head coach while Bobby Smyrniotis was in Europe during an internship coach.

Reynders has denied the charge, saying that he was trying to act as a peacemaker in the course of ” a conclusion is unfortunate for the game.

It has, however, been convicted last August by the discipline committee of Soccer Canada for having violated its code of conduct and ethics, and suspended for 45 days for all activities related to soccer.

The call of Reynders has subsequently been confirmed by an appeal committee. Its decision of last fall has asked Soccer Canada to present all the evidence to an investigator to a third party, who leans now on the case.

“The league has kept quiet about it because we do not want to be considered as interfering in any way whatsoever,” said the commissioner of the CPL, David Clanachan, to OneSoccer earlier this month.

Canada Soccer has said it had no comment while the case was still under investigation.

Reynders continues to deny the allegation and, on Saturday, has obtained the support of the players of Forge CF in a letter posted on Instagram.

“We look at the people in the bubble of the Premier League’s canadian fans, media, etc) use these moments sensitive, with increased attention to racial injustice ongoing in the world, as an opportunity to attack and we lack respect for something that we know to be false,” they wrote.

The players have said that they had avoided comment on the matter previously ” out of respect for our coaching staff and a testimony of how we, as a club of the value of professionalism. ”

But they say that they will have calmed down once more.

“‘is much bigger than football. It is about the livelihood of another man. The players will begin to take a position for the coach (Reynders) and the organization because we believe that it is the right thing to do. The accusations of racist have nothing to do with, and although we, as a club, have proved his innocence, we want to continue the fight with him in the eyes of the public.

Young has published its own statement, supporting Reynders and his players.

“Myself, our players of the soccer club Forge CF Hamilton and our organization all believe in equal opportunities for all. We abhorrons racism in all its forms, ” said Mr Young. “We know that coach Peter is a person of the highest integrity who happens to be a great football coach. My only response to the letter of our players of Forge is simply : they have all my support.

Reynders, for his part, thanked the players for ” the sincere effort, courage and the thought that went into their letter that they have shared publicly today. ”

“I remain adamant about the fact that the allegation against me is baseless and without any foundation “, he said. “I will continue to beat me and to defend me during this long process, especially today in this difficult time in our world where we have to put an end to racism together once and for all. ”

This report from The Canadian Press has been published for the first time on June 13, 2020.

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