The performance of the Canterbury Youth Voices at the ceremony commemorating the D-day in France postponed to 2021


Ella Burdette, singer of Canterbury Youth Voices, visiting a veteran at the Norman Veterans Center in February in preparation for the trip of the group to the celebrations of D-day in Normandy, France. The trip has been postponed to 2021 due to the pandemic of sars coronavirus. Ella is a student at the St. Phillip Neri Catholic School in Midwest City. [Photo provided]

The young singers dedicated to the Canterbury Youth Voices, based in Oklahoma City, will have to wait still a year to go to Normandy, France, and occur in the parade to the memorial of D-day and the musical salute to veterans due to the pandemic of sars coronavirus.

As stated earlier, a contingent of a hundred singers from Canterbury Youth Voices, ranging from the second to the 12th year, had planned for two years to make the trip in France last week to participate in the 76th annual commemoration of d-day.

On June 6, 1944, over 160,000 allied soldiers landed on the coast of heavily-fortified French to fight the nazi forces. The massive invasion of the american troops, british, canadian and other mark a major turning point in the Second world War in Europe.

The commemorative celebrations of D-day in France began in 1945 and have been cancelled this year for the first time in response to the pandemic, according to the Military Times.

Because of the celebrations for the day have been cancelled for 2020, Canterbury Youth Voices will make their trip very expected in France next year, said Canterbury Voices Program Manager Joanie Gregory-Pullen.”we will now be going June 3-10, 2021 … we will sing, therefore, on the occasion of the 77th birthday “, she said. “It became a real call for us to make this trek out there, and we look forward to doing it next year. ”

The singers were scheduled this year to sit on the dais with dignitaries and make two parts at a ceremony and wreath-laying in the cemeteries, americans in Brittany and Omaha Beach. In addition, the group had occur in a concert feature film.

Canterbury Youth Voices should be the unity musical voice official events of D-day 2020 and an official representative of the United States.


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