The Patriots penalized an NFL draft pick in 2021, $ 1.1 million as punishment for the registration of the Bengals in 2019


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Patriots reportedly signed Cam Newton for one-year contract

The New England Patriots received their penalties from the NFL after members of their television crew were spotted recording in the Cincinnati Bengals ‘press box during the Bengals’ home game against the Cleveland Browns last season. Patriots will lose third-round pick in 2021 NFL draft and pay $ 1.1 million fine with unauthorized crew to record games in 2020 season, says ESPN Adam Schefter and Mike Reis .

The Patriots not contest NFL penalties, by Reiss.

New England footage shows coaches signaling on the Cincinnati sideline, according to According to The Athletic, the 8-minute video shows a “direct view” of the Bengals’ touchline and stays focused there all the time.

The Patriots said in December 2019 that their production team was on hand to profile an advanced scout for an upcoming “Do Your Job” series. The statement also said the video production team is independent from the team’s football operations. And although New England admitted that its production team was accredited for the game, it said that failing to inform Cincinnati and the NFL of its registration plans was “unintentional oversight.”

Patriots coach Bill Belichick, on a media conference call, denied any involvement in the production crew’s recording of the match.

“We are competitive and will try to be competitive in all areas,” said Belichick, who was fined $ 500,000 in 2007 after a team employee was discovered recording unauthorized images of the New York Jets and Green Bay Packers. “But we don’t knowingly, intentionally want to do anything that crosses the line.

” But since [the events of 2007] arrived, I would say that we tried to keep a good distance behind the line and perhaps not to go as far as we could have done in the past. But that never really changed fundamentally. ”

In 2015, a detailed ESPN report exposed the extent of the Patriots’ illegal registration in their first championship race. Included in the ESPN report is an excuse that the Pats videographers were given if they were caught red-handed. The excuse in the report is consistent with what they said about the December 2019 incident.

The news of the Patriots’ punishment came moments after Schefter announced that New England had signed a one-year deal with free agent quarterback Cam Newton.


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