The owner who must remain closed while a pub on the same street opens its doors


Two pubs half a mile apart will find themselves in very different positions this weekend.The Anchor Hotel in Saltney is on the Wales side of the Gallo-English border and must remain closed.

But the Arms Brewery, which is in the part of the city that is in Cheshire, is preparing to welcome bettors when it, like all English pubs, is authorized to reopen on July 4.

Alan Banks, owner of Anchor, said customers were anxious to know when they could return.

Alan Banks, owner of the Anchor Hotel in the city of Saltney

Banks told the PA news agency, “There has been some confusion with customers asking if we will reopen on July 4.

“I tell them they have to remember that we are in Wales and that we are a little behind England.

“Customers should know that they will not be able to come here on Saturday. But the pub a few hundred meters down the road may reopen. ”

He said managers from Corner Pin and Saltney Tavern, which will also remain closed, would join him later this week for a webinar with licensing bosses who they hoped would answer some questions.

Paul Gabbutt, Regional Director of Winwick Taverns, said: “At Brewery Arms, we conducted risk assessments and online staff training, and brought it into compliance so that we could reopen.

“It makes no sense, you can walk from pub to pub. “

The arms of the brewery in Saltney
The arms of the brewery in Saltney

Pubs across the UK called for the latest orders on March 20 as the country locked out amid the coronavirus pandemic.

While Prime Minister Boris Johnson gave the go-ahead to establishments in England to reopen on Saturday, Welsh Prime Minister Mark Drakeford has yet to announce when the pints can be served again.

Gabbutt said the brewery should be busy on Saturday as it would be the only pub capable of serving beer in the city, near Chester.

He said, “We are trying to be social distanced, so it would have been better if all the pubs were open.

“The brewery is going to be the only pub in Saltney. ”

Welsh Finance Minister Rebecca Evans said last week that discussions with the hotel industry were “underway”, but no detailed timetable could be given.

Banks said he had been busy decorating the pub and improving the outdoor cafe while waiting for advice on how to reopen, especially if the two-meter rule would be relaxed in Wales and England.

He said: “When they closed the pubs, it was 100% closed across the UK.

“Now it looks like he is a person who just doesn’t want to follow someone else’s example when you see the attitude of our government towards the English. “


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