The Orly airport of Paris is expected to reopen as airlines resumed their flights from France


Flights departing from Orly.

The Orly airport in France, south of Paris, will reopen Friday, but with only a fraction of the volume of the flight normally.

About 25 destinations will be proposed by 70 takeoffs and landings, compared with 600 available just a day before the crisis COVID not fail throughout the world.

Most of the traffic at Orly will come from airlines such as Air France, easyJet and Air Caribbean, among others, who will fly to destinations such as the Caribbean, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

Friday, it is expected that approximately 8 000 passengers pass through the four terminals at Orly, well below the daily average normal of about 90 000.

Alain Battisti, president of the national Federation of commercial aviation of France, said Tuesday, ” We are facing a crisis in the most brutal and long, and we are preparing for a recovery that will be somewhat long, otherwise extremely long “.

The frontiers of France were open to european visitors on June 15, and most european countries have followed suit, some with particular health checks and / or quarantine.


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