The number of deaths from coronavirus in the UK reaches 41,279 while an additional 151 deaths have been recorded


The death toll from coronaviruses in the UK today has reached 41,279 while 151 additional deaths have been recorded.

It is one of the smallest increases in deaths from the deadly virus since it started sweeping the country.

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Coronavirus death toll continues to rise1
Coronavirus death toll continues to riseCredit: AFP or licensors

According to the Department of Health and Welfare, there were still 1,268 cases across the United Kingdom – with a total of 291,409 infections across the country.

Infection numbers are among the lowest since isolation began, following a new low of 1,003 new cases recorded yesterday.

England today reported 83 deaths in hospitals while Scotland today has recorded five additional deaths from the virus, bringing its total to 2,439.

Meanwhile, in Wales, five more deaths have been reported, with an overall death toll of 1,425.

Northern Ireland also had one death – the first death from coronavirus in four days.

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However, the true death toll in the UK is expected to be much higher.

The Bureau of National Statistics revealed this week that the coronavirus was involved in 51,766 deaths until May 21 – 10,000 more than the official figure.

And Professor Neil Ferguson said yesterday that the death toll in the UK would be at least half if the foreclosure had started a week earlier.

The infamous boffin – who advised Boris Johnson on the closure to stop the rampant spread of Covid-19 – told the Science and Technology Committee “we have underestimated the level of the epidemic in this country.”

The UK closed on March 23 to limit the spread of the deadly bug.

However, at the start of the epidemic, experts estimated that the number of deaths from coronaviruses was unlikely to exceed 20,000.

And this morning Sir David King, a former chief scientific adviser to the government, said he thought the death toll from coronavirus in the UK might only be 10,000 if the lock had been introduced earlier .

He told Good Morning Britain: “If we double every three to four days in the spread of the disease, it means that within a week we would quadruple.

“We would have saved more than 50% – I think we could have reached this point with no more than 10,000 deaths by stopping earlier.”

At least 192 primary care and health workers have died from contracting a coronavirus.

The coronavirus R rate has remained below 12 across the UK, but a “vast majority” of people are still susceptible to the infection, he was warned.

Sir Patrick Vallance said the value has now dropped in all parts of the country and is between 0.7 and 0.9.

Coronavirus R rate remains below 1 across the UK – but “the vast majority are susceptible to infections,” warns Vallance


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