The NHL said that 26 players have been tested positive for COVID-19 from the June 8,


The NHL says that 15 of the 250 players in the protocol to return to play phase 2 of the league are found to be positive for COVID-19, while 11 other players have tested positive outside of the protocol of the phase 2.

The NHL claims to have tested more than 250 players” in the training facilities at the team since the opening of phase 2 on June 8, and those players were tested more than 1, 450 times combined.

“All the players that were positive were self-isolated and following the protocols of the CDC and Health Canada,” said the league in a press release.

Phase 2 of the protocol to return to the game of the NHL allows teams to host skates in a small group in the facilities of their city of origin. On 19 June, the Tampa Bay Lightning has been forced to temporarily close its training centre after the three players and other staff members have tested positive for the coronavirus. This facility has re-opened its doors on the 24th of June.

Phase 3, which includes training camps, scheduled to begin on 10 July, even though Elliotte Fridman of Sportsnet reports that this could be pushed back a few days. The NHL has stated that the phase 4 will be the resumption of matches in the format of the playoffs changed previously announced, but no date has yet been confirmed for these games.


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