The NHL players will not carry face shields full Return to Play


It is not expected that the NHL players wear face shields complete if the matches will resume this summer, although it can be a lot of faces covered around them.The equipment changes have not been at the centre of negotiations to return to the game between the league and the players union, according to a person familiar with these discussions. The person, who spoke to the Associated Press on condition of anonymity because no agreement has been concluded, said that the emphasis was on tests and other measures of security off-ice.

Given that the players are supposed to be tested daily, none of the equipment on extra ice is not needed for practices and games. Deputy commissioner Bill Daly has also stated that it did not provide for any change of equipment mandatory to ensure safety of the players.

However, the manufacturer of hockey equipment Bauer discussed with the league and the teams visors off ice of quality medical coaches, managers, team personnel and others may wear them as a protective measure against the spread or contraction of the COVID-19. The vice-president of product, Craig Desjardins, said that the visor, which can be attached to the edge of a baseball cap, is “light as a feather”, although it is three times thicker than a shield medical and that it complies with the regulations of the American National Standards Institute for the prevention of the droplets.

“There has been a lot of interest,” said the vice-president of global marketing for Bauer, Mary-Kay Messier. “Craig and I have in fact had a lot of calls with NHL teams as they consider how to bring their teams – their entire teams and all those around them – safely, especially in situations where they seek to be city centres where there are’ it’s going to be a lot of interaction.

Ten locations are in the running to serve cities that are “hubs” that would host 24 teams in qualifiers for the round initials, the finals of the conferences of the East and of the West and the Stanley Cup final. The players should be quarantined away from the general public in these cities.

Each team is limited to 50 people in the city of his game, the level of the event in arenas and training facilities, hotels, and restaurants should serve as a kind of bubble of quarantine. The “shield cap integrated” Bauer which was unveiled Wednesday and a face mask made of polyester would be suitable to those who are outside of the bubble and players around the ice when they skate, because they are required to wear masks even now, during the training sessions volunteers.

Bauer, who, in march, decided to manufacture personal protection equipment for those who are on the front line, geared primarily to its protections anti-splash-on-ice to youth and amateur players and has also consulted with the international Federation of ice hockey, USA Hockey and Hockey Canada.

“We have a common interest to be able to return to play safely, explained Desjardins.

The coaches of the NHL and various other leagues could also use the shield off the ice and behind the bench.

“There was a lot of screaming coaches,” said Messier, ” So, when you think and you talk shout or speak loudly that you are most at risk for the droplets, I would say that it is a very viable option to a lot of different levels. ”

Although there are protocols for the health and safety of the trainings in small groups, and they may worsen during the opening of training camps on July 10, the players have said that they were not safe to wear a full face shield or change too much of hockey-even if the season resumed. They focus on the protections exterior which would make the games safe.

“Given the nature of our game, if we want to talk about the impossibility of encountering, among others, it serves no purpose to play,” said the captain of Winnipeg. Blake Wheeler told me. “The challenge is going to be to enter the whole world inside the bubble, to test everyone and make sure that we’re all on the same wavelength and try to smother it in the bud before you get there. “


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