The new prohibition of TikTok suddenly hits millions of users, so that serious problems get worse


Security concerns is not new to TikTok – the sensation viral chinese that has developed fast enough to compete with the likes of WhatsApp, YouTube and Instagram for downloads. Rare are the applications that better reflect our time in the locks against the coronavirus that this platform of sharing video bitesize, but with great power comes great responsibility, and thus the arguments are, TikTok has totally failed the test.

While the major security warnings to TikTok have been mainly in the United States, with alerts of cyber security and reports of bans in the military, the platform has in fact seen a more ruthless on the part of governments elsewhere, particularly in India. There are about 14 months, I reported on the country banning TikTok for reasons of child protection, after modest fines in the united states for misuse of data.

This restriction proved to be temporary, but it is back. India has just announced the prohibition of almost sixty applications in china, including the main titles of Tencent, Weibo, and Baidu, which implies that the technological platforms must now delete them from the app stores that serve the broad user base of the country. For TikTok, these new restrictions on its largest market will affect millions of users – the application can no longer be downloaded, but existing users can continue to use their application for the time being.

The government said that the applications “are a threat to the sovereignty and security of our country -[following] several reports on the mobile applications on platforms Android and iOS and driving and passing surreptitiously from the data user is not allowed to servers that have locations outside of India. ”

In response to this news, TikTok told me that “the constitution of management teams and local self-governance in the countries where ByteDance operates, including India, has been critical to our success in the world. While the government of India issued an interim order to block 59 applications, the team ByteDance of approximately 2000 in India is committed to working with the government to demonstrate our dedication to the safety and security of users and our commitment to the country as a whole. We are proud to provide hundreds of millions of users in India and in the world of creative platforms for their stories, their performance, their education and, often, a way to earn a living. ”

There has been a storm of publicity last week, when TikTok has been found by Apple to access secretly to the clipboard of the user. TikTok claims it was a bug that technique inadvertently caused by a spam filter, but the game was fast and furious. Several politicians in india have jumped on the story, putting pressure on the government and the cyber-controller of the country to act.

There is a political context much broader to this, of course, with the increase military tension between India and China, overflowing in the technical field. We have seen an application recently launched on the Play Store of Android, since its removal, which promised to uproot the applications chinese on the users ‘ phones, and Xiaomi, the manufacturer of chinese phones which occupies a leading position in India, has played his local heritage.

And it is therefore not surprising that the indian government has acted – the nightmare for TikTok, however, is not only that India is the largest market for the platform, but there is a risk that the backlash against its security flaws exposed can now extend much further, as the political tensions are intensifying. The last issue of the TikTok, to know that he was elected to the clipboard of the user, has been broadcast for the first time in April. The platform was assured that it had been corrected. Apparently not the case. This has undermined the confidence at a time when other warnings are raised.

The u.s. government, in particular, continues to express its concerns regarding the use of the application by both young people within the country. The recent success of the TikTok in America has been a huge step forward for the parent Bytedance, he will not want it derailed. And with the platform would have been used for undermine the public scope of the president Trump in the country, we could see that the United States now use the action of the India as a trigger reasonable for their own action.

There are 58 other applications of the chinese impacted by this new TikTok, however, will make the headlines because of its growth unstoppable outside of China. We can expect to see questions arise in the United States later in the day to find out if a similar action could be justified, considering the multiple concerns and warnings of the last few months.

Here is the list of the 59 applications china now banned in India:


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