The new Mac ARM-Apple will not support Windows via Boot Camp


Apple will start to pass its Mac to its own ARM processors later this year, but you will not be able to run Windows mode in Boot Camp on them. Microsoft only licenses Windows 10 on ARM only to PC manufacturers for pre-installation on new hardware, and the company has not made available any copy of the operating system for purposes of licensing or free installation.

“Microsoft grants licenses only Windows 10 on ARM the OEM,” said a spokesman for Microsoft in a statement to The edge. We asked Microsoft if it planned to change this policy to allow Boot Camp on the Mac ARM, and the company said: “we have nothing more to share at the moment.”

Apple has worked closely with Microsoft to ensure that the Office is ready for the Mac ARM later this year, but the company has not mentioned its lack of support for Boot Camp at WWDC. It is possible that the two companies are still working as a kind of support, but this would require that Microsoft open more widely its licenses Windows 10 on ARM.

Cushion VMWare.

Other methods to run Windows on Mac, resources may include virtualization using applications such as VMWare or Parallels, but these will not be supported by the technology of translation Rosetta 2 Apple. The virtual machine applications need to be completely rebuilt for the Mac ARM, and it is not immediately clear if this is even a viable solution for Windows on ARM, or if VMWare, Parallels and others will commit to building these applications with the support of Windows.

Apple has made the demonstration of Parallels Desktop that is running Linux on a virtual machine, but it has not been mention of support for Windows. VMWare has asked his community on the way they would use the virtualization Fusion on the Mac ARM, but there is no commitment to build the application for the moment.

Thus, the situation of Windows on the Mac ARM seems to be complicated at best and impossible at worst. The best hope is that Microsoft is changing its licensing model strict for Mac ARM, but it would still be that Apple creates Windows on the drivers ARM for future Mac hardware.

Given the low percentage of users of macOS that actually use Boot Camp and install base of about 100 million Mac, running Windows 10 on ARM natively on Macs based on ARM of Apple is not something we will see anytime soon or maybe ever.


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