The NBC Bay Area study


A disturbing trend is emerging in the united coronavirus: almost half of California and newly diagnosed cases are young.

A Bay Area scientist says he has watched the number of COVID-19 deaths and hospital admissions drop and suspicions more and more young people have been getting the virus. He said it turns out that his theory was the right one.

New data indicates that a surprising number of those newly diagnosed with COVID-19 in the state are under the age of 35. In the most recent analyzes, those under 35 represent 44% of the cases, – which is against 29% a month ago.

“It’s really bad, and shocking,” said Dr. George Lemp, the epidemiologist who crunched the numbers.

Lemp said that maybe the kids are letting their guard down.

“It can also correspond to the opening of California since mid-May, especially among young people who may have started to move away from the practices of social distance and persistent use of the mask,” Lemp says.

Young adults interviewed by NBC Bay Area said they are not really worried.

“I keep my hands, clean, wash my hands and make sure I keep my hygiene there,” Raemani Lafo said.

It is also too early to know whether the huge protest marches across the country, bringing together thousands of young people – may have a role to play too.


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