The MLB and the Yankees are asking the court to suspend the publication of a letter-of-flight signs


The Yankees and Major League Baseball were called Monday to the 2nd Court of appeal of the United States to prevent the publication of a letter from 2017 to the commissioner of the MLB, Rob Manfred, to the Yankees, according to which the players of the league fantastic unhappy might contain evidence of violations of the cheating by the baseball club.The u.s. district judge Jed Rakoff has granted last week a request for a loosening of the letter by lawyers representing a group of players of fantasy daily DraftKings which have continued to the MLB about the impact of the scandals of theft of electronic boards of the Astros and Red Sox 2017-18.

The letter of Manfred to the Yankees has been included in the discovery documents presented at the trial of the players of fantasy, which has been filed in the southern district of New York. It was hidden from public view because the Yankees have stated that the publication of the letter would cause “serious harm to the reputation”.

Notice of appeal against the Yankees / MLB Unsealng by Houston Chronicle on Scribd

The lawyers of the players of fantasy, however, assert that the letter may provide evidence that the Yankees were involved in a “flight plan signs more serious” than the technical violations of the club of ball mentioned by Manfred in 2017.

Last week, Rakoff has set a Monday deadline for the Yankees and the MLB to submit a “version” minimally sanitized ” in the letter from Manfred to the Yankees, and stated that the letter would be unsealed Friday.

The appeal to the 2nd Circuit by the Yankees and MLB, however, seems to question this departure.

Earlier this year, Rakoff has rejected the trial of the fantastic players against MLB, the Yankees and the Red Sox, but this decision has also been appealed to the 2nd Circuit.


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