The MCU to make Wolverine Logan disappear, opting for 1 of these alternatives?


The Marvel Cinematic Universe now owns the rights to a handful of former Fox entities as a result of the Fox/Disney merger. Since the media conglomerate had access to the X-Men and the Fantastic Four, rumors and theories surrounding the place and purpose of the characters in the existing saga have surfaced in every corner of the Internet.

While the X-Men will undoubtedly play an important role in the future of the Marvel film franchise – if not, why go through the penalty? — they can be very different from the mutants that fans have become accustomed to. Kevin Feige has quite the challenge on his hands when it comes to the X-Men: how can you satisfy fans of the old Fox movies (who boasted quite talented cast members), while presenting an original and inspired work?

Madame Tussauds New York celebrates their “May Marvel ois” by unveiling an “ajou” wax figure, played by actor Hugh Jackman. Cindy Ord/Getty Images for Madame Tussauds

Feige and Co, can not just copy the narratives and dynamics of the characters previously highlighted under Fox, but to completely abandon some iconic, famous mutant tales would be a risk. Based on the information available, as well as the narrative plausibility surrounding the existing Marvel landscape, Wolverine Logan may not be the version of the X weapon coming to the MCU. So who can join instead?

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Daphne Keen X-23 of “Logan” could take over

According to We Got This Covered, Daphne Keen can reprise her role as the X-23 of the film Fox Logan MCU. While Logan would appear theoretically at first, Keen’s characters would be responsible for carrying the adamantium-scratched legacy through the saga. Logan would theoretically serve a transitional purpose, appearing briefly, but not for the long term.

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X-23 already has Logan’s approval and Logan’s trust; thus, the choice of such a character can work towards the satisfaction of the fans. Since it is related to Jackman’s logan, which fans already know and love, accepting such a turn of events would probably not be too difficult. However, this is not the only way to incorporate Weapon X. Rather than relying on pieces from a Fox franchise, the MCU can count on the presence of the Winter Soldier to establish a Wolverine connection.

Will Logan’s son, Daken, appear in the MCU?

As ScreenRant notes, Akihiro (better known as Daken) is the son Logan never knew he had in the comics. As for his connection to the MCU, his mother Itsu was shot dead by the winter soldier in an attempt to lure his father. Itsu was pregnant with Daken when this happened, and Daken’s healing abilities kept him alive. His mother is dead.

Daken then goes in search of revenge when he grows up. Although it is necessary to tinker with the original narrative, it is easy to imagine a story in which the Winter Soldier and the Falcon could collide with Logan (or Daken), allowing a different trajectory to take center stage. Disney’s new tale could focus on Daken instead of Logan, and give the audience an older, more mature Logan as a secondary character. Or, Logan’s life could be in the past when Daken is introduced. He could be dead, boasting a legacy that lives under-textually throughout the next MCU installments.


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